Why the DxOMark score is bulshit (for example Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro)

Many are skeptical about DxO tests, but until recently I didn’t understand the reasons for this attitude. It seemed to me that this is a reputable organization that truly tests all smartphones. But all is not so simple. And in this article on the example of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro I will try to show what I did not like another DxOMark testing, and why it seems to me that the guys still are not quite fair play.

Why the DxOMark score is bulshit for example, the Xiaomi Mi Pro 10

In the test for the quality of the camera device took first place with a score of 124 points. iPhone 11 Pro Max in this test scored 117 points. Whether Xiaomi Mi Pro 10 best iPhone? Let’s deal.

Photo 10 Mi scored 134 points, a video 104. iPhone photo gaining 124 points, and the quality of the video 102 points. While the focus on the photos.

In some comparisons, instead of the iPhone DxO inserts examples Mi CC9 Pro. Why? It is not clear. I assume that in the scenes where iPhone shows better, the Xiaomi smartphone is not as bad as it looked.

I did crop the first example. Look at this watercolor smeared face. Neural networks — cool, but why so much artificially to paint the pixel? The impression is that this is not a photograph but a drawing. Besides, look how unrealistic the face of the protagonist in the photo.

Below is the comparison of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and 11 Pro iPhone Max:

Example photos Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Example photo iPhone 11 Pro Max

It’s obvious to me that it is better itself showed the iPhone. In this test, the company assessed only autofocus. But let’s be honest: who evaluates the individual capabilities of the camera? In my opinion, we should always look at the whole picture. For example, a photo of a man. Let’s see how unrealistic his face compared to the iPhone:

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Of course, I understand that objectively, the pictures on Xiaomi clearer and more interesting, but the face looks unrealistic compared to the iPhone.

And the next example even entered me into a stupor. I will never believe that HDR+ mode iPhone is able to do so a terrible photo:

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The rest of the examples seemed to me quite honest, the main problem of iPhone is not very high-quality work in low light. But that is so bad — I will never believe that.

The video quality is also not so straightforward:

For example, I think that the iPhone camera was shaking while running noticeably stronger. Stabilization iPhone has always been famous for their quality, but it is obvious that it is intentionally stronger shaking while running.

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Of course, I could be wrong, and the camera Xiaomi can really deliver good results. She does it, but it seems to me that it’s not very clean. I want to independently compare the two devices in normal use, to understand the difference because to believe DxO at the moment, I do not presume.

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