Why the extension for Google Chrome nobody needs

What is good about Google Chrome? To answer this question unambiguously is quite difficult, but I think no one will argue that much of his popularity rests on the extensions. Thanks to them, in Chrome you can add new features, turning it from a browser into a kind of operating system that can almost everything. Another thing is that the expansion today is only an echo of what could be but never was Chrome.

As reported by the researchers from the company Extension Monitor, almost 90% of extensions from the Chrome Web Store have less than 1000 downloads, of which exactly half have downloaded 10-15 times. This is a serious problem for the directory, which, as is commonly believed, is the main feature of Google Chrome.

Popular extensions for Chrome

In fact, extensions that attract users, not so much. Basically it is the ad blockers, translators, antivirus software and password managers. Represent tens of millions of downloads, showing that interesting to users. But why?

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It is clear to me that Google spit on the Chrome Web Store. The company simply does not want to make it convenient for users and developers. Look at this poor interface.

Google might implement it on the principle of Google Play, but decided that will come and so, realizing that many only want to block ads and nothing else. But it could turn out really cool.

How to search in Google Chrome?

For example, instead of organize easy navigation with tabs Google dumped everything into one pile, making it infinitely scrolls down the page. Someone once actually reached the end? I honestly tried to do it many times, but my patience never once was not enough. Of course, in the side menu you can select the category expansion, but why are there 5-10 pieces instead of 5 hundreds?

Another problem Chrome Web Store – completely stupid search. I know that in the catalog there are lots of solutions that allow you to activate the browser night theme, but to your query “night theme” I saw only three extensions, and for VK, Wikipedia and Instagram.

And finally, my third complaint about the extensions directory Chrome is the lack of attractive extensions. Ad blockers, translators, and anti-virus software is certainly convenient, but they always work in passive mode. And it could attract developers that would shift the browser to the web versions of their services, access to which would be carried out without the need to go to the site itself. Well, what prevented Google to create an extension for Google Play Music? I have no answer to this question.

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I am absolutely sure that with extensions Google had a chance to change the established model of interaction with the Internet. Given the credibility of the company, she was quite able to convince the developers of the popular sites and services to release its own Chrome extension. All that is required is to show them by example how it can be comfortable and cool. But Google has traditionally not had their chance. Which is a pity.

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