Why the failure of Yandex.Phone?

Less than a year ago the company Yandex has shown your smartphone. Many people immediately perceive it in bayonets. Partly because of this he did not show good results at the start of sales. But was it a decisive moment in its history? Let’s look at why it happened. Without unnecessary hype and subsidence. Just face it.


5 Dec 2018 the company Yandex has shown that what was missing in her smart home system. No, it’s not ”smart gadgets”, which are now little more than polar bears in the desert. It was a true smartphone. The first smartphone from Yandex.

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Next YotaPhone or E-mobility?

On the one hand, Parallels are asking themselves, but did not want a repeat of that history. Moreover, it’s Yandex. He also showed us a steep Yandex.Station. I say this as the owner of it. It’s really good, I really like it and I use it every day. If interested, write in the comments or in our Telegram chat and I will prepare a large experience in the use of this accessory. If anything, I use them on the first day of launch. Meanwhile, back to Yandex.Phone.

Presentation Of Yandex.Phone

I was at the presentation of Yandex.Phone in Moscow, and at that point began to crumble my hopes for this device. The presentation went so that caused me Spanish shame (feeling of shame for a stranger). On the one hand, were shown cool features, but once again proved that Yandex still needs to work on their presentations. A similar feeling was when I was showing a smart home system this year. The company is not able to show its not always bad food. Don’t know how!

I was very impressed with the presentation that the camera of the smartphone is dual, but to work as a double because she can’t. It is even something like my favorite (sarcasm) model Jinga with Dual Camera Design, where the second camera is just drawn. Like how we were promised that it will work with the update, but it never happened.

Jinga Pass Plus

The best thing about the presentation was, perhaps, when they started to list the bonuses that will get ”lucky” buyer of the smartphone is almost over 20,000 rubles. There really was not so sad. Give a subscription to Yandex.Plus, and extended on-Disk storage, and even 500 rubles on Yandex.Money. All is well, except the phone… Well, you know.

Personal experience of using Yandex.Phone

After the presentation I was asked to give one device for testing. I was a bit surprised, but that was no problem. The company has recorded my details and the next day sent me a unit for testing. At the same time, asking nothing in return. There was no hint that they would like to see in my survey the results of the test. Not to say that it surprised, but it turns out, the company was confident in his new product?

Statement of fact: sales of “Yandex.Phone” was a flop

After a few days of use I had issues with a smartphone, but not the kind to just call it bad. I thought that it is necessary to make a price in the region of 13,000 rubles, and it will be a great option and a worthy competitor to many other smartphones.


Yes, there is Xiaomi, which is so like to remember in our Telegram chat, but you can’t live it one needs competitors. All sorts of Honor, Huawei, Samsung and some other manufacturers worth as the best 18000-20000 rubles. That’s just the quality of them was still higher.

Why the failure of Yandex.Phone?

Guide Yandex answered questions about the failure of their smartphone, but as usual nothing informative in their responses was not. I, like many it seems, that the error was in the price. Here only the majority of ”analysts” saying that the price had to be put on the level of 9000 rubles. I don’t think so.

It seems to me that the company simply underestimated the effect of the appearance on the market and decided that they will be able to make good money. But they forgot that Google is not Apple and they do not line up the queue according to the principle of ”shut up and take my money.” If they restrain their appetites and hung a price tag on 4000-5000 thousand below, I think many skeptics would have quieted down. In the end, on the contrary they threw firewood, to get a better burn.

In many ways, the skepticism of critics was unconditional, that is, he appeared even before the release of the model. Allow it was a daunting task. In part, the negativity started at the moment when the FAS forbade manufacturers to sell smartphones with the pre-installed Google services only. Many of them began to establish the domestic applications from or offer to do so at activation. It’s not like a large number of users. Well, someone just doesn’t like everything associated with our search giant.

The Office Of Yandex

Why Yandex is bad?

Can they be called Yandex is bad? Many of the subcortical brain are convinced it is. Others argue that Yandex our all. I believe that the truth is as usual somewhere in the middle.

”I-person” captured almost all spheres of our life. At the household level is: Yandex.Taxi, Yandex.Food, Yandex.Card, Yandex.Drive, Yandex.Zen, where we have our own channel and other services. Overall, they work well and they are convenient to use. Here only I often meet with the opinion that not one company can afford to take such positions. With this I fundamentally disagree.


Yes, the company took a big market share competitors but it is still there. Delivery food is Delivery Club, in a taxi — it’s Uber Citymobil, Gett, and many others, maps is Apple and the same Google. There are many options, and the fact that Yandex has held such positions in the services, says only that users choose them more often than competitors. Even Yandex.Drive is more convenient than Telemobil or Protein. This is a personal opinion — you can argue.

My last argument in dispute with those who believe such a wrong position of Yandex in the Russian market, will be that on the world stage such positions is Google. In USA everything is done through him, in Europe, not all, but many, and no one is outraged.

Release date Yandex.Phone 2

If we talk about the second generation of the smartphone we are discussing in this article, I do not believe in its output. At least in the near future there will be just another failure. Not ready audience to his appearance. Still fresh discontent from the first generation, and its high price.

I think more focus on the development of his vision of the smart home. You may be a new Station with better sound or new gadgets to manage all in the house. Although Yandex has successfully entered into agreements with third parties. Now they don’t even need to invent their own device. I like it, and I have a few devices that are running the Yandex.Station.

Failure Yandex.Phone logical?

To summarize, I can say that the failure of Yandex.Phone rather the rule than the surprise. That’s just a failure for me personally is offensive. I think Yandex is not the company that needs to sink for errors in pricing.

Yandex VS Google

Camera is not up to the competitors, but 8000 rubles, for which it is now offered in some stores, it is very small. Even the official price for Resellers, component of 9990 rubles is on the verge, but still somehow understandable.

One thing is for sure! A year is a long time for a smartphone, especially inexpensive. The first generation will not revive. The second soon will be. It turns out that Yandex is still without a smartphone? Yeah, it’s like this…

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