Why the growing demand for ads Instagram unlike Facebook?

Suffered Facebook from a weak financial performance in the third quarter of 2018, recording a slow growth in the number of users profit lower than expected, resulted in the poor performance of the company to a larger decline of their shares in a single day in the history of the US stock market, where shares fell Facebook by 19 percent, which cost the company $ 120 million in one day.

Police tried to soften the blow if she had bluntly pointed out that the financial results disappointing can results in financial law.

Reasons due to the fact that the police have abandoned many of the property provided by the advertiser which entitles them to collect a lot of data about users.

The leadership of the company to change its policies and also the coverage of negative news that you get since last year, advertisers pay for the installation of their efforts on Instagram, and of course is a platform owned by Facebook acquired it for $ 1 billion in the investment decision seems wise and true.

The CEO of Instagram, Mr. Kevin Systrom in June that the application has exceeded one billion users. Not a user who is only moving in the right direction witness the Instagram significant increase in advertising dollars that reach the region of the advertisers.

  • Increased spending on ads to Instagram

In the past month, news reports said that the expenditure on Instagram is growing at four times the rate of ad spending on Facebook ads, have made spending on advertising Instagram grew by 177 percent annually during the second quarter compared to an increase of 40 percent on Facebook ads.

At the same time experienced company 4C that their customers are turning to the increase in the rate of growth of spending on advertising Instagram an increase of 204 percent year on year.

The platform LinkedIn social the only one that was able to overcome the growth of Instagram, which has seen a rise in ad spending growth by 212 percent.

Police said the same that it increased the rate of expenditure on advertising on all other social networks Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat by less than 50 per cent on an annual basis, the terms not experienced Facebook only increased by 26 per cent on spending of clients 4C.

Isn’t this company working in marketing and has a lot of the customers noticed that, but also many of the competitive companies, these institutions have a lot of clients from the brands and companies that advertise on the social platform and the ad manages its accounts.

Company AdStage noticed the same thing almost, for to 137 client account them to have been advertising on Facebook and Instagram since the month of January to June 2018, an increase in the average ad spending by 31 percent of customers on Facebook with the reduction of spending on Instagram, while in turn has increased the other clients ad spend on Instagram by 84 percent with a reduction in ad spending on Facebook.

  • What drives the growth of Instagram is?

Says the vice president of the company AdStage platform, Paul writes, the commitment of Instagram built a system of display advertising offers more brands and marketers to the app.

He said: “it was the pace of innovation by the team Instagram fierce over the past year, we saw the house offers many improvements to the experience Instagram in addition to basic feature of the story, has gained the product also million energetic users, and advertisers are flocking to all this inventory, based on what we hear from our clients our vision in the data, we expect to continue the tremendous growth on the expenditure by The during the remainder of the year 2018”.

For its part, attributed to Brian Handley, President and CEO of Reveal Mobile growth and advertising Instagram to the audience demographic, and the lack of exciting content for the product.

The company, a marketing platform list on the site, with more than 200 owners of small and medium businesses in the United States, found that among the companies that said they use ads and Instagram there are 50 percent of them use advertising on the product and the results were good.

  • Access to a million user active driving task

Despite the fact that Facebook has more than 2.3 million users but many of them don’t interact with the ads there is a negative interaction with Brand Content on the platform, but on Instagram it’s different where the climate is healthy and positive and has a million energetic users proportionately.

Depends Handley that the users of Instagram are more receptive to advertising and less likely to respond negatively to advertising campaigns, and this is what makes companies prefer to consistently focus its work on this home away from Facebook.

Found Socialbakers, a platform to manage social networks, evidence to support what he said Handley, according to their data, generate a profile on Instagram and a rise in the participation rates of users compared to those on Facebook, particularly in the sectors of fashion and beauty.

  • We must not forget the success stories of Instagram

I’ve proven ads Stories Instagram that has been launched since more than a year and a half as one of the ad units the most famous in the company.

Experienced Smartly.io, which is the advertising platform over the internet, a significant increase in the number of advertising dollars that are invested by the customer in the classifieds Stories Instagram compared to the budget announcements Instagram.

In May 2017, represented the advertising budget in Stories Instagram ratio of 1.18 per cent of total expenditure on Instagram customers Smartly.io this number jumped to 17.05 percent in May of this year.

One platform to book hotels, flights, which deals with Smartly.io and talk about the Hopper, to allocate half of its budget for ads story on Instagram.

Resulted in ads Stories Instagram made by Hopper on the increase by 67% in app installs compared to the other channels cost less the cost of impressions (CPM) when compared to the ads Instagram on News Feed ads Facebook.

  • Use Instagram in ways that other marketing

Don’t spend corporate money only on ads through the Ad Grants which provides them to broadcast their own contents on Instagram, but also dealing with the influencers directly by paying them to refer to them in stories that they publish are fun fans or even the publications that they publish on their platforms.

Don’t restrict Facebook or corporate marketing and other amounts spent on this type of advertising, being informal and are advertised through the availability of companies with influencers via private messages, a lot of these influencers don’t shout that those ads paid.

This method with also provide some of the platforms that play the role of a broker between advertisers and influencers to make deals and business partnerships and advertising.

Are growing because the results of good advertisers there are sales and conversions very much unlike traditional advertising including text and video.


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