Why the more powerful charger for your smartphone, the better

Despite the wide popularity of fast charge, the majority of users sincerely believe that this technology is harmful and even dangerous. Supposedly high power, which is charging can cause what in English is called overcharging (sverkhzadacha), not to mention the increased heating of the battery and the adjacent components and their premature wear. Of course, all this is nonsense, because more than one cycle on a single charge smartphone can not lose. And I do insist that the charger was more powerful.

The charge should be powerful, even if it’s a charger for your smartphone

Why charge your smartphone quickly gets?

Last week Oppo introduced the 125-watt charging for smartphones, which will radically change your understanding of the recharge process of the battery. Today it is the most powerful power supply unit, which is produced specifically for mobile devices, as most devices support memory capacity up to 15-25 watts. Of course, there are individual instances that support a 60 watt adapters, but, of course, the absolute minority, and they still charged for about an hour.

The fastest charger for your smartphone

Charging in 5 minutes? Why not

Oppo charger power 125 W allows you to charge the battery capacity of 4000 mA*h from 0 to 41% in just 5 minutes and from 0 to 100% over 20. This is really fast considering that a couple of years ago smartphones were charged for 3-4 hours in a row and not to sit near them and wait until they charged, they were left at the outlet just for the night. Today this is not necessary. If you wish, you can not just charge the mobile even before I go to work and charge it fully, if in the evening this was not done.

Shows the world's fastest mobile charging

But the actual speed of charging – though she, of course, important is not the only advantage of the new technology Oppo. Here are the aspects which, in my opinion, all charging must have the highest possible power.

Why you need a quick charge

Exercise at 125 W is very versatile, not to mention all the other benefits

  • Users who want to delay battery wear, just 10 minutes to charge your smartphone up to 70-80%. After all, if you are using 10-20 watt memory it had to spend 35-45 minutes, which frankly was getting, considering that the smartphone is discharged faster than the one that originally loaded on 100% now charging time is really noticeable.
  • Ultrafast charging will negate the need for night charging. I think we all know that when a smartphone is plugged in throughout the night, he, having been filled to 100%, starts to experience Microbattery of energy that charge have to constantly fill. I don’t know, reduced the number of available cycles, but that it is not the battery is good, no doubt.
  • Short charging has less thermal effect on the battery and related components, preventing wear. After all, if the smartphone is charging for an hour or two or more, sometimes he manages to be turned on so that the connection of the charging cable is really uncomfortable to touch. Imagine that in these moments, experiencing the battery? I think, thank you, he certainly wouldn’t tell. And 5-10 minutes of cardio will reduce this effect to a minimum.
  • 125-watt charger – universal. Well, think about it: modern laptops come with an AC adapter with a power of 50-100 watts. But as a rule, do not charge the smartphone it is either not physically fit or has too high power. Oppo has resolved this issue. Now the same memory can charge the smartphones, and laptops, and tablets. Very convenient and “green”, given the General enthusiasm for environmental care.

Fast and super-fast charging Samsung: is there a difference

Overall, which side do not look at charging high power is some solid advantages and virtually no disadvantages. No, of course, there are always those who will say that this charger could harm the battery, because the charging is slower, the safer. However, it bears little resemblance to the truth. After all, if it were true, manufacturers would not have dared to do such adapters at great risk to the users. And think about the Tesla, which is charged by the adapters with a capacity of several kilowatts and feel great.

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