Why the new iPhone will sell worse than the iPhone X

In 2017, Apple released its most expensive and with it the most popular smartphone in its history. But can the company repeat the success of iPhone X this year? Many experts agree that the demand for new flagships of Apple, which will be shown in September, will be significantly lower than intended, despite a lower selling price.

According to New Street Research analyst Pierre Ferragu, Apple for a long time will not be able to surprise the consumer. The success of the iPhone X was due primarily updated in a long time, design, edge-to-edge OLED screen, innovative technology of facial recognition Face ID. While this year Apple will show a completely of “model” devices with the familiar design, but with better hardware. For many buyers, this is clearly not enough to spend a significant amount for a smartphone.

According to Piero, the drop in sales this year also will affect the value of Apple stock.

iPhone X sold well and brought the value of securities of Apple to the historical maximum. Based on current projections, upgrading the line will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary so don’t expect something significant.

However, the decrease in the quantity of sales of smartphones is a global trend. This phenomenon which year is observed in all large manufacturers. Users rarely change their device because the technology has evolved to such a point that even budget smartphones are enough for most everyday tasks.

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