Why the share of Android smartphones will only grow, and share iPhone — decline

The most popular mobile operating system today is Android. At its base are millions of smartphones in different price ranges with different capabilities. However, from the beginning all devices running Android for some reason was considered the exclusive preserve of those who want to save. For a long time, of course, it was a serious mistake, because a few years ago to pull the “green robot” could only flagship devices, and buy a budget smartphone on Android was pointless. But now that the performance has faded into the background, Android has indeed become a panacea and will remain it to continue.

The spread of 5G will bring Android to the leaders and oppress iOS

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In the next three years the position of Android will become even stronger, while iOS lost some of its market share of smartphones. The reason for these changes will be the development of networks of the fifth generation that Apple has still not mastered. Even if the company will release its first 5G smartphone a year instead of two, as rumor has it, she won’t be able to hold their positions at the same level. I explain on fingers.

Why the new iPhone will be even more expensive

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for the accuracy of their forecasts, said that the iPhone 12 Pro with built in 5G modem will cost about 20% more than the iPhone 11 Pro. This means that the retail price of the smartphone of 2020 model year will be about $ 1,200. Of course, the support of networks of the fifth generation will not be the only innovation, but even if Cupertino will alter your smartphone from scratch, it will still be expensive.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G — the cheapest smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation

On Android it’s different. The cheapest Android smartphone with support for 5G – Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix 5G – is today less 20 thousand rubles. Yes, he is the only one, but within a year the manufacturers will be able to reduce the cost of production of the devices with the support of networks of the fifth generation, and their prices are rapidly crawling down. For example, the Redmi has promised to start production of flagship with 5G at a price below $ 350. This means that after 3-5 months after launch, they can be bought cheaper than $ 300, which Apple with its 1200-dollar iPhone 12 Pro to compete will not do. After all, if for the price of one iPhone you can buy four flagship on Android, sooner or later consumers will start to think that they are doing something wrong.

How 5G will change the smartphone market

Perhaps someone will say that 5G is not available in all countries of the world, which means that in those countries where LTE prevails, the situation especially does not change. But I don’t think so. Most likely, Apple will release a smartphone with support for 5G, and will equip them with all the flagship devices, increasing their retail price. Still, by the time the technology is already tested enough and do it exclusively under a separate device not related to the main line, not so good for the company image.

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Of course, Apple will more iPhone SE 2. But I wouldn’t count on the fact that it will become a bestseller. Yes, he will be able to gain some popularity among fans of low-end models, but we should not forget that for the company it will be almost unprofitable. Personally, I am 100% sure that its in Cupertino decided to release just in order not to piss off consumers. However, the cash companies are doing fans of the flagship smartphone, which next year will definitely be a drop in sales.

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