Why the top games come out on iOS before Android

Iconic games like Fortnite come out for iOS before Android, because of the homogeneity of its outreach, said the head of the Department of product marketing of Apple, Greg Joswiak in an interview with TechCrunch. Largely, in his opinion, this contributes to low levels of fragmentation and high optimization of the operating system.

Games have always been one of the most popular categories in the App Store, says Joswiak. “Restart app store in iOS 11 led to the allocation of the games into a separate category and the emergence of the tabs “Today” with stories about the games and their creators,” he adds. This allows developers to more effectively promote themselves and their products.

In addition, the continued Joswiak, iOS is the key to stability. Due to the low level of fragmentation of the OS Apple provides developers with the most homogeneous customer base. Approximately 90% of the devices that are currently on hand, operate on the basis of the current iOS version and will continue to be updated in a few years.

Exclusive release of Fortnite, which is far from the world of consoles people have not even heard of, is a significant event for iOS and mobile gaming in General, sure Jozwiak. In his opinion, the release marked the beginning of a new era in which console games are guaranteed to come out first on iOS and then on Android.

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