Why the urgent need to install the latest update to Telegram for Android

It is considered that the Telegram is almost the most secure messenger, whose leadership suffers from allergies to intelligence, and thus, guaranteed not to turn in its users. However, often the messenger found such bugs, even confidential information may be made available to those for whom it is absolutely not intended. Fortunately, the Telegram in time fixes such vulnerabilities, releasing regular updates with bug-fixes, which does well should not be neglected.

When you delete a photo from a chat in Telegram, actually it is not removed

As it turned out, in the penultimate version of Telegram for Android there was a bug that could lead to leakage of already deleted photos from the dialogue. To do this, even it was not necessary to use special software, because the vulnerability was completely self-sufficient.

How to view deleted photo in the Telegram

Its operating principle is simple. As soon as one user sends another image, it is saved automatically on the recipient’s device, even if he did not have time to review it. As a result, if the sender deleted a message with an attachment, the recipient could still find it in one of the folders in the file Manager, then send to anyone. But if the photo was sent to General chat, accordingly, she remained on the devices of all participants.

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At first glance it may seem that there is nothing critical in this bug no. In the end, if one user sends a photo to another, so he’s ready for what it will see. However, practice shows that many users make mistakes sometimes chat and send a message to the wrong person it is actually intended. Moreover, the persistence of deleted photos contrary to the position of Pavel Durov, who believes that everyone has the right at any time to change the content of their messages or even delete them.

Update Telegram

Despite the fact that the bug existed for a long time, until now there has been no indication that anyone suffered from it. However, it is possible that the users that are affected by the action of vulnerability, just found it for feature messenger, and therefore did not give her any value. However, to avoid leakage we would recommend you to install the latest update to Telegram for Android as soon as possible. Moreover, it also gives the option to hide your phone number from being detected.

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