Why wallet with 80 thousand bitcoins alone for nine years?

Bitcoinwallet with 79 957.2 BTC remains intact for nearly nine years. It is assumed that this stolen coins after the fall of the exchange Mt. Gox. For such a large amount of funds can be traced at any time, so the owner of the purse will be very difficult to withdraw bitcoins. So what will happen if he will finally dare to take this step?

The consequences of breaking the Mt. Gox

The Image Of Mt.Gox is a black cloud looming over the industry life-cycle. In early 2011, now non-working exchange was responsible for 70 percent of trading volumes the main cryptocurrency. A few months later, Mt.Gox was the cause of very serious problems.

According to the official reports, the hackers used stolen admin account trading platforms in order to bring down the price of Bitcoin. After artificial dump criminals to purchase cryptocurrency. User accounts also came under attack: they brought more than 25 thousand BTC total value of 8.75 million dollars at the time.

One of the latest discussions on Reddit again awakened in cryptocommunist interest in the history of Mt.Gox. According to the user jwinterm, the Bitcoin address of the hackers was discovered.

This Bitcoin address associated with the MtGox hack has a balance of 75,957.20 BTC and not a single satoshi has ever been moved out of it from CryptoCurrency

The Bitcoin address associated with the hacking of Mt.Gox, has on balance 75957.20 BTC. To date he has not been displayed none of Satoshi.

The total value of cryptocurrencies in the wallet reaches 815 million dollars at current exchange rates. The coins arrived to the address in 2011 and since then they had not been touched. How can we explain all this?

The address. Source: BitInfoCharts

Analyst firm Chainanalysis monitors the stolen bitcoins for some time now. In an interview to news portal Decrypt the Director of public relations Chainanalysis Maddie Kennedy spoke about the difficulties that may face the one who now controls the private keys from the wallet.

We have labeled the funds at this purse for quite some time. If someone tries to move the coins to the exchange, they will receive the status of “high risk”, so selling them will be difficult.

Ten richest Bitcoin addresses. Source: Bitinfocharts

There are two possible options: either the hacker lost the private key, or he just can’t move bitcoins without being tracked. Both hypotheses have the right to life. Suppose that the attacker still remains the access to the wallet. How can he withdraw the coins to Fiat?

According to Kennedy, it’s difficult, but doable.

It is quite difficult to get the money if everything they watch. The creators PlusToken moved large amounts of crypto-currencies and these transactions are also followed. But this fact did not prevent cheaters to exchange the crypto for Fiat at major OTC brokers in Asia. I hope that awareness of these over-the-counter brokers complicate the cashing out of illicit funds.

Bitcoins can be easily hidden and difficult to track

Journalists Decrypt appealed to another market research firm — Merkle Science, to discuss possible ways to sell bitcoins. Vice President, global business development Thomas Glucksmann believes that to make the withdrawal easier than it seems.

The person or organization controlling the funds, you can use multiple techniques to hide their tracks from the public authorities when withdrawing money. For example, you can skip them BTC via a Bitcoin mixer or the channels in the Lightning Network, and then exchange to a fully private cryptocurrency and sell it via an OTC transaction.

Hacker. Source: 2Биткоина

Recall, Bitcoin mixer platform for anonymization, which complicates or makes it virtually impossible to trace transactions in the blockchain of Bitcoin. Most mixers are crushed by means of the client into fine pieces and mixed with coins of other customers. In the end, his purse receives an amount consisting of transactions from a large number of different sources.

And yet with the right level of perseverance, public authorities can track bitcoins, just this process can take a very long time.

Why are the criminals still linger with the conclusion in Fiat? Glucksmann believe they are just waiting for favorable market conditions. Perhaps in the case of a sharp increase in the price of Bitcoin to liquidate such a large consignment of coins is not so difficult.

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