Why warned psychologists of the apps sleep tracker is?

Warned a number of psychologists specialists in psychology of sleep apps sleep tracker has talked to the New York Times in a report about it, has reduced the reliability of the applications set to sleep which is aimed at commercial profit only, saying that the data is not full tracking and mania may not be what we need for a better sleep, but if it causes anxiety and insomnia.

And Dr Kelly Baron, of the University of Utah on this, asserting that this leads to a separation between the person and sleeping through the establishment of it, including doing the tracking device that, causing them often to seek medical help lack of sleep about them.

Dr. Barron also authored a paper the year 2017 which is coined through the by the term “orthoses”, which means “the pursuit of an ideal to improve sleep ideal”, indicating that this process may ruin your sleep which could occur in apps sleep tracker, showed a research study conducted by the company Fitbit to track fitness devices track sleep wearable was some accurate such as “equipment control medical grade” 70% of the time, compared with 90% with analysts humans any that the precision of the human more and bigger.

With the rise of tracking devices, fitness wearables and the growth of the technology industry health, sleep has become increasingly the target of commercial interests, in the recently announced Pokémon on a smartphone app that allows Pokémon to Sleep, and to help make sleep tracking more fun, but at the same time, convert the bedroom to a data source keeps track of every day, may only lead to increased symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

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علماء النفس يحذرون من تطبيقات sleep trackerPsychologists warn apps sleep tracker

This does not mean that apps and the sleep tracker is not very but be that in particular cases, such as if you are struggling to sleep at regular hours and, or struggling to find the cause of the lack of restful sleep, it may be getting outside help through a smartphone application or a GPS device wrist a smart idea, says Dr. Sim Jose, who serves as medical director at the center of the North Dakota people, “we need to understand the sleep technique, including its limitations, and these may be applications Assistant on it.

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