Why we don’t use voice assistants

The broader feature set and better language skills did not allow Google to circumvent Assistant Siri, becoming the most used voice assistant on the market. As shown by two studies conducted by Microsoft, the usage frequency of each assistant is 36%, despite the fact that Google Assistant is present on more number of devices than Siri. Out in the ratio of the voice assistant Apple is more commonly used. It gets more interesting.

The first study by Microsoft about the frequency of use of voice assistants was international and was held in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and India. It was attended by about 2,000 participants. The second was conducted only in the U.S. and included nearly 5,000 respondents. In both cases the result was the same, staying at around 36% for Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, 25% for Amazon Alexa, and 19% for Microsoft Cortana.

Siri or Google Assistant

The dominance of Siri and Google Assistant over the rest of the assistants is a consequence of their availability on smartphones. In fact, these assistants is divided between the mobile market, because is installed by default on devices running iOS and Android, respectively. A relatively high Alexa popularity is due to the widespread presence on the market smart column, where Amazon is still the undisputed leader, despite attempts by Google and Apple to conquer this segment.

The problem of voice assistants

Such a low percentage use voice assistants, in my opinion, is not due to the insufficient development of their language skills, which have long been at a fairly high level. The real reason is that manufacturers do not try to explain to users, in some scenarios, the assistants can be useful. For example, few know that the Google Assistant can cancel payments in Google Play, and Siri after the appearance of support for fast teams in General have become almost limitless.

I am more than confident that, if the manufacturers are satisfied users of the literacy campaign in functionality of their assistants that you can apply in real life, the percentage of their use will grow. Until then, while many of us remain in the dark about the true abilities of Siri or Google Assistant, nothing will change, and assistants will remain gukovskii tool, or a tool for entertainment of the masses.

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