Why we support ProgPoW. Response 2Miners

ProgPoW — algorithm hashing, replacing the PoW and developed by a team IfDefElse. At the moment Ethereum community discusses its possible implementation in the Ethereum network. Below are the opinion mining-pool 2Miners regarding this issue.

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What is PoW?

PoW means Proof of Work — proof the work. To confirm the new cryptocurrency, the block the miner has to do the work, that is, to solve the problem, the condition which provides the network. This issue has already been discussed many times in articles on the website.

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ASIC mining

When Bitcoin just came to light, to find a solution of the block could the weak processor on a home computer.

Within a given algorithm mining device must perform very specific operations.

With the growth Hasrat in the network, CPU mining is gone, and the miners began using graphics cards. In their place came more efficient devices — FPGA (programmable logic integrated circuits) and subsequently, the ASIC (integrated circuit special purpose).

Source: Bitcoinist

FPGA or ASIC are more efficient devices with better power efficiency and lower cost. The main disadvantage of such devices, in particular, HAS s — the inability to use them for anything else. If ASIC was created for mining Bitcoin, then another cryptocurrency? he can’t.

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It should be noted that most of the modern cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, was originally designed for mining on graphics cards.

Problems ASIC mining

The evolution of mining equipment from GPU to ASIC can be considered natural and logical, however, ASIC are a number of problems:

  • centralization — the main fear of all cryptocurrencies. ASIC quality produce just a few plants, so somehow they can try to control the network. For example, to sell equipment only to a specific purchaser or manipulating with the sold devices. It is possible to write a specially crafted vulnerability is a backdoor. The graphics card is the best device for decentralization, they are sold in any computer store near to your house;
  • it is impossible to modify the algorithm of mining bitcoins. ASIC will not be able to work in case of change of algorithm, they can only be thrown in the trash. Graphics on the other hand is suitable for different algorithms.
  • ASIC production is economically profitable only if the belief in the preservation of the mining process unchanged. Otherwise there is a risk of loss of investment by manufacturers or end users of the equipment. Video card you can always sell, because gamers far more than miners.

PoW in Ethereum

In Ethereum mining algorithm occurs at the Dagger Hashimoto, or as they call the current version of the algorithm is Ethash. For finding solutions of the block in Ethereum miner must load into memory your video card the DAG file. The size of the DAG increases by 8 MB every 30 000 units. The current size of the DAG in Ethereum almost reached 3 GB.

Source: CCN

Is it possible to create ASIC for Ethereum? Yes, it is. Bitmain, Innosilicon and other manufacturers already produce such devices. While their effectiveness is not much higher farms on the cards, however, it is likely that it is only a matter of time.

For example, we remember how after the release of the Antminer D3 , Hasrat DASH soared dozens of times.

What is ProgPoW?

The algorithm ProgPoW created on the basis of Ethash, but with the prefix “Prog”. The thing that makes “Prog” — removes the reference to a determined set of operations performed by the miner. The algorithm is constantly changing, and therefore, to create an ASIC will be very difficult. Detailed description of the algorithm can be found on github.

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ProgPoW regularly changes the conditions of the problem for mining and squeezes out graphics cards max and employ almost all components of the GPU.

Introduction ProgPoW does not mean that ASIC for Ethereum, it will be impossible to produce. However, since the adoption ProgPoW ASIC will have no superiority over the graphics cards. Only in the case of mining using GPU we can talk about a genuine decentralization, because even a big fan of “Tanchikov” (in English “Fortnite”) will start mining Ethereum on your computer in your free time.

Testing ProgPoW

2Miners successfully launched a test network of Ethereum ProgPoW. Pools ProgPoW online, anyone can try mine ProgPoW Ether in a test network. For this you need to install progminer the latest version.

Settings. bat file:
progminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://[email protected]:2020

Statistics are also available at progpow-eth.2miners.com.

Please note that this is a test network that can be mined only test coins. They have no real value.

Voting for ProgPoW

Likely soon we will see the vote of the miners, who are in favor of or against the introduction of ProgPoW. The word miner in this case refers to mining pools, that is, directly, those who send the solution to the new block to the network.

Perhaps you remember how the voting went down for the transition of the Bitcoin network on SegWit2X. Mining-pools voted, adding specific information into the unit and signaling support 2X.

A similar situation is beginning to emerge now in Ethereum. The largest mining pool Ethermine the first to add a special tag “PPYE(S)” in their blocks.

Please note the additional information in the Extra Data block.

Source: Ethersan

The results of the voting in real time is available here.

Source: Etherchain

2Miners supports ProgPoW

Source: 2Биткоина

Pools 2Miners openly declare support for the algorithm ProgPoW. On February 12, we add “PPYE(S)” in all blocks that finds our pool.

We made a special sticker “We support ProgPoW” and proposed to use him with all mining pools that support the imposition ProgPoW. All you need to do is insert the logo of your pool in a white circle located on the cooler.

Logo ProgPoW 2Miners download here.

Source: 2Miners

Logo ProgPoW no icon pool take here.

Source: 2Miners

The SVG format is available at the link.

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