Why wire charging Apple devices is short compared to other’s?

A long time ago and customer Apple of the palace of the charging cable. They don’t find comfort in connecting it to the iDevice-iPhone, especially if you want to use it and you in your bed. So why stick to Apple this cable is very short, and does not pay much attention to the cable of Lightning, together they provide a cable length of 2 meters and did not provide him with any of the devices iPhone. Although the competitors of Apple offering longer cables with the latest model, but Apple is still sticking to that design. What possible reasons that explain the stuck Apple TV that cable short?

So in line with the shipping method the most common

As if Apple looked at the way people use the camera of their own, they had come to the conclusion that the cables are short and very suitable for uses most common. This may not be thinking logically for your situation, but an apology that people say to charge their device frequently from the PC or laptop or even Apple devices MacBook Pro,-Mac-or IP-the new iPad Pro. Seldom you find the of connect his phone to the charging directly.

Perhaps Apple is taking this data in mind when taking design decisions, and you don’t see a big reason to extend the cables only if the use of lengths is the most common.

In addition, the wireless charging is commonplace and is growing day after day, might consider the Apple TV to the near future where people on the cables there is no need to change at the current time.

Save money

This may be the reason is the most obvious for us. It is known for sure that the short cable runs provide additional costs on the Apple TV. If the cable length increased the cost of making it has increased its weight which increases with the shipping costs. Any change to the cable will cost the company millions of dollars. Thus this will be reflected on the user Paul will not bear those costs on their shoulders alone, you will pay in the end.

Help prevent the damage as much as possible

Cable is not something solid, but flexible the cable is too long whenever the coast a lot. Especially that long cable is tempt the owner using the phone in all the place is not worthy of Christ. And personal experience in the field of maintenance of phones, the length of the cable constitutes a burden on Socket shipping due to vibration during use, thereby exposing a socket the charging end of the cable to the quick.

Easy storage

No doubt that the short cable runs don’t take much space. it is possible to put it in your pocket with ease other than the long cables.

Do you prefer long cables? Or are you convinced cables Apple short? Tell us in the comments.



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