Why with age, time flies faster than in childhood?

In the course of growing up-almost every person there is a feeling that over time greatly accelerated, it would seem that he only recently woke up and it was time to go to bed. For many years scientists tried to identify the cause of this phenomenon, and a new hypothesis put forward by researchers at Duke University, seems the most realistic. She says that the feeling of accelerated time due to changes in the aging brain, namely speed of information processing and the quantity of visual images.

Время и мозг

It was already known that changes in the sense of time related to the fact that an adult pays around events less attention due to the fact that they are already familiar — time is fast. Children, in turn, are interested all the events, and their brains process much more information — accordingly, the time seems to much slower flows.

A group of scientists led by Professor Adrian Bejana decided to dig a little deeper and found that children receive much more visual information than adults. They proved this by comparing the frequency of eye movements of people over the years. It turned out that children’s eyes “run” very often, and their young minds process large amounts of visual data, and very quickly.

Slow data processing in adults stems from the fact that plexus neurons in their brain are becoming more complicated and longer. Consequently, the signal takes longer than before. Thus, it may seem to people that their childhood up to 10 years lasted very long, while the adult life moves at lightning speed.

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