Why would he have the iPhone XS Max new screen is better so far?

Provided not Apple TV this year phones iPhone new iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS screen OLED characteristic has undergone many developments and improvements compared with last year iPhone X, has been able to screen iPhone XS Max that excels on all phones of the competition and captured the title of the screen is the best so far of the foundation of DisplayMate competent test screens of smart phones note that the screen of the iPhone XS also have the same technical specifications but the Test here was to release the bigger iPhone XS Max.

لماذا يمتلك هاتف آيفون XS Max الجديد الشاشة الأفضل حتى الآن ؟
Why would he have the iPhone XS Max new screen is better so far?

Why the screen of the iPhone XS Max is the best?

After several tests There screen iPhone XS Max title screen better superior on the screen of the Galaxy Note 9 that won the title is other for a period of time this year. Has reported an institution DisplayMate reasons for the superiority of the screen of the iPhone XS Max which are summarized as follows:

  • The rate of the brightness is the highest among the screens of smart phones seems to 660 points.
  • The reflection rate of light is very low and seems only 4.7%.
  • Enables high brightness and the reflection of light low in the screen good visibility of the content even in cases of extreme lighting like the light of the sun like.
  • Perfect design for the screen of the OLED in the phone, they are a great size, thin dialogue and a flexible and budget at the University.
  • The proportion of the screen dimensions (height : width) of about (19.5 : 9) no 2.17 is almost as larger by 22% than the average of those of women on other smartphones, that simply means that the screen is more length in the vertical mode and more display in landscape mode.
  • The accuracy of the colors of Infinity (0.8 JNCD) reaches the perfection of the visual in the recipe DisplayMate.
شاشة iPhone XS Max هي الأفضل حتى الآن!
The screen of the iPhone XS Max is the best so far!

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone XS Max is the iPhone the largest to date screen OLED $ 6.5-inch accurately 2688×1242 pixels of any intensity pixels $ 458 pixels per inch, while iPhone XS screen OLED 5.8 inch accurately 2436×1125 pixels of any intensity pixels $ 458 pixels per inch also.

The screen in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max technology supports HDR10 with a high contrast ratio of 1 to a million, and True Tone that automatically adjusts the white balance and colors to fit the ambient lighting and to make it easier on the eye.

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