Why would the iPhone need AR (and how it changed our lives)

2017 at WWDC Apple unveiled to developers a set of tools ARKit. Thus then even the company itself unable to explain why we need augmented reality, in addition to the construction of virtual houses and begonia for pokemon. But by 2019, AR firmly entered the lives of smartphone users. And I will tell you about the most interesting use of Apple products and not only.

The error of the standard application “Line”

Let’s start simple. iOS 12 brought us the app “Line”. Yes, it is not very accurate, and yet for serious measurements is hardly perfect, but it was a start, Apple needs in iOS 13 to make all beautiful as we like.

Third-party companies use augmented reality more interesting. For example, you visit IKEA can’t understand how this chair will look great in your living room? The Swedes have the solution — the Ikea app Place.

The app interface is Ikea Place

Free app with concise design allows you to try most of products from a range of furniture company in his apartment. It works pretty quickly, adequately realizes a horizontal surface. All you can twist, to vilify the room, to come closer and look at it from all sides. Simply indispensable for buying the whole situation from scratch, and for those who can not determine the choice of the stool in the hallway.

A similar feature implemented on the website and Apple itself. Immediately after the presentation could be in augmented reality to a look at the new iPhone. People who in the morning saw this photo, was in serious disbelief. Because they don’t read our Telegram channel and are not aware of the new chips to Apple.

iPhone 11 Pro in augmented reality

You’ve met people who find it hard to focus on the cards, especially in a strange place? For them, “Yandex” has introduced in its “Yandex.Map” an interesting feature. Press the blue circle at the bottom of the card after you build your itinerary and feel the hero of a computer game like Grand Theft Auto.

Augmented reality in Yandex.Maps

Blue arrows will help you find the route even the most intricate streets. Not to be bored to roam alone, “Yandex” has added all sorts of “Easter eggs”. Try to walk along Pushkinskaya or Lubyanka square in Moscow, for example.

INKHUNTER app for iPhone

In App Store there is a curious application INKHUNTER. Made it for those who are preparing to apply a tattoo, but didn’t know how it will look. Augmented reality to the rescue. Draw a square on the hand “smiley”, a downloadable sketch of the future tattoo, direct the camera to the already applied label, and the app changes it to the drawing. How many errors have escaped humanity with this program!

App Magicplan for iPhone

Sometimes you need to create a plan of any room. Previously, this required a tape measure, ruler, paper, pencil, straight arm skills of sketching and a lot of time. Today download Magicplan on your iPhone and go. Even the furniture move will not be required. As in the case of “Line”, the user chooses a start and end point dimensions for each ledge inside the room. And the electronic version of the plan of the apartment or room, the program automatically generates itself.

Augmented reality will help budding artists. Down with carbon paper and light tablets! Train in creating their drawings based on the already ready possible with the help of a program SketchAR.

SketchAR app for iPhone

First you need to take a picture of the image that you want to play, and then point the camera at a white sheet, the perimeter of which a pencil applied round markers. Next trick is to trace the picture along the lines and add something of their own.

Now quite fantastic from the field of medicine. In Samara feel the AUTOPLAN system, which will be for surgeon a Navigator and a Navigator.

A prototype system AUTOPLAN

First, after the CT the radiologist builds individual anatomic model of the internal organs and tissues of the patient. Based on the 3D model, the surgeon plans the future operation. Before the operation the doctor wears AR glasses, and a visualization system will be projected on the 3D skin model. The surgeon remains to perform its work according to the tips AUTOPLAN. Throughout the process the navigation system controls the position of the tools of a surgeon and their trajectory in accordance with a pre-written plan. Another plus — the operation time is reduced in half, but the preparation takes no more than 15 minutes. And if before step was followed by observation using a mobile x-ray units, but now the need for additional radiation load for patient and doctor is not.

This installation has helped to conduct more than 500 operations. This year it was used even in the most complex spine surgery.

Entertainment potential was much higher Pokémon GO. About Stories in Instagram and FaceApp there is no point in even talking. All users this summer was divided into two camps: some made masks and old their faces, others are hated for it.

FaceApp app for iPhone

But FaceApp could be a cool tool, for example, Barber. Now to the question: “And I go red?” you can show, “Look, Mary, you look like ed Sheeran”.

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In April this year at the Coachella festival for the first time, Eminem has decided to put the habit of many spectators to stand with their smartphones at the service of art. Record AR spectacular show instantly spread across the Internet. In the future it is used on all shows rapper in the US and Europe.

No doubt augmented reality is a very promising direction in the production, entertainment and daily life, and it will develop. Maybe next year we will see Apple Tag with all its charms.

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