Why would you say Apple devices at a discount?

Days before Apple sent invitations to attend the Conference, to be held next Tuesday in Chicago, USA and has we published an article talking about the expectations of the conference –see this link– the key point is that Apple will provide iPad and iPhone and Mac at a discounted price. Why Apple is offering on this step? Are you targeting the right students only or are there other accounts?

لماذا ستقدم أبل أجهزة بسعر مخفض؟

Of course, Apple has not and will not learn about the reasons for the launch of any device only reason trailer famous as for the benefit of the customers and offer the best services but we think our wallpapers of Apple, and we found several reasons complement each other. Here are the reasons.

Global economic crises

Up affairs in the economic world sees that there are a lot of political conflicts that led to the economic problems whether in America or Europe and Japan weakened purchasing power; and the crisis arrived, China which is the No. 1 For Apple products around the world and even in the Middle East started of economic crisis in blasting a lot of States. Of course it didn’t affect is huge, but there’s damage already physically have been thinking more than once in the renewal of the Apple device. So you may host the Apple providing a less expensive option for its customers.

Seeking Apple to make its devices more appropriate for the clients who face the pressures of economic

Open new markets

Apple customers are the most income in the world. Yes Apple is not growing in sales, but the primary reason they are not addressing all the categories, The average price of the iPhone ranges between 750-800$ (calculated assessment of Apple’s revenue from all devices divided by the number sold). The price is 800$, this means that we look at the sales of the top category in the company of any Samsung S and Note, Sony Z, Huawei Mate and P and others. In this category are not really suitable for the Apple numbers. There will be an article shortly explains the details of this, but estimates say that Apple sold the iPhone in 2017 just what helps what sold by Samsung in 2014-2015-2016-2017 any 4 years of all the devices S are talking about S5/S6/S7/S8 suspected her of edge balm. Even if we have introduced the notation in the calculations, we find that Apple sells in one year 3 times its nearest competitor which is the Samsung and if introduced to other companies such as Huawei as the competitor second you find that Apple sells in a month all over what you’re selling Huawei in the year of the two categories P and Mate.

This means that the upper class are able to buy any device you choose by nearly two-thirds iPhone. The same meter find it clearer in tablet devices and FIT person. But Apple has a problem, stop. She can’t just rely on the top tier simply because they represent less than a third of the market while the other two-thirds are in the category of does not offer Apple devices. If the choice is only to grow sales of Apple is to open the market to completely new for him. Imagine the iPad, priced at$ 259 which is the price less than a lot of competitors. Imagine that the price of the iPad less Android tablets less of it in performance. It is choose?!

Seeking Apple to attract new categories for the acquisition of Apple products

Provide techniques and an unprecedented

Maybe it seems strange heading to a how Apple plans to produce the device economical for you to submit techniques is unsurpassed. Answer magic is the iMac Pro. Not everyone who buys Apple devices truly benefit from all the possibilities of the devices, but other uses are simple which makes him not facing his problem in the acquisition of a age up to 2-3 years back, it performs the required tasks. This category if you submit the hardware report of extremely high and consequently will increase the price of the devices they simply will not buy Apple devices. They want iOS or Mac at an affordable price. They have mastered an old iPhone and old iPad and maybe a Mac Mini or lower categories of the Mac Air. The right of these groups to offer them the Apple category new price target and offer them what they wanted. Vince these of these devices and leave the professional who wants the highest techniques even at a high price to provide them to Apple devices. And personally I expect that the seeking of the Apple to be all the organs of the three categories, namely:

The beginning: the devices of economic targeting of wants products Apple at the Best Price.

Traditional: they are the current category and the user usually willing to pay a slightly higher price and get better products.

Professional: they are the category that buy Apple computers are not for not for Apple but because their trading we have the more these devices the most powerful was their best work thus proceeds the physical top of them so they are ready to pay more money. This category already has been targeted in the iMac Pro and maybe offer them other products the end of the year or during the next.

Apple aims to offer its clients to 2 or 3 categories and target each of them with suits instead of a uniform for everyone

The bottom line

All of the above is the analysis of the particular bin in iPhone Islam of course, Apple did not remember and will not remember the reasons for any move you make they basically didn’t believe any of these devices yet, but we analyze based on a news medium. Certainly there are other reasons we may never know, if you have view and download the special popcorn us in the comments.

Why do you think may offer Apple to provide the devices at a discount? Share your opinion

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