Why you need a Mac Pro lying

Apple has fulfilled another promise. From January 14, the online Apple store has the opportunity to order a rack-mount variant of the Mac Pro. Designed for mounting in a standard 19-inch telecommunications racks. This, though with some reservations, the first Mac, which was published in promising 2020. This option is a Mac Pro in 2019 for the first time shown to the public June 3, 2019, at a press conference on the opening of WWDC 2019. The “horizontal” version of the Mac Pro, as well as its “vertical” option was supposed to come out last fall.

It just so turns out Golden server

Return the Mac Pro – the project is incredibly important and crucial, the rush which was totally inappropriate. But to the almost impossible task of creating the perfect (or vanishingly close to perfect) workstation was added and the much less pleasant task. In July and August, the design had to make major changes and re-work the logistics of the scheme. To produce the new Mac Pro factory in Austin, Texas, as planned, almost became unprofitable. Several times the project was just on the verge of closing. However, everything turned out. A strong-willed decision of the leadership of Apple autumn has been extended until mid December and then mid January next year. Not the most important thing. Happened or not?

Looks like rack-mounted Mac Pro

Now the Mac Pro can be put on the side

When in December 2019 on the virtual shelves of the Apple online store page “Buy” for the Mac Pro, it had two entrance to the Configurator for the Mac Pro Tower case type (tower), and for Mac Pro, designed for mounting in standard racks. The entrance to the rack Configurator option was blocked, and all should know to the uninitiated, it was reported in the two text boxes. In one it was reported that this variant is Mac Pro coming soon (Coming Soon), the second was the price of the minimum configuration. 6 $ 499. $ 500 higher than the price of its conventional counterpart. Something he had to differ from their normal counterpart – I wonder what?

Top view with the cover removed

Height rack Mac Pro – 5U (1U or 1 rack unit is 44,45 mm, 1.75 inches, and almost exactly equal to one inch of the time of Peter the great). Width and depth – 482,0 x 539,5 mm. rack Mac Pro Weighs 400 grams less than its normal counterpart.

An absolutely accurate answer to this question will be known in 20 days of the current January. When the first copies fall into the hands of buyers. Although the probability of any significant differences from a normal Mac Pro is vanishingly small. The other design, but perhaps these differences are worth $ 500. Package Mac Pro rack includes rails on which it must be installed in rack is the equivalent of wheels or legs, but that they can cost $ 500 along with their packaging (Apple carefully warns that “the rails are Packed separately”) – hard to believe. However, with them will be. Buyers are rack-mount computers live in a world where the price scale is different from ours. In fact, “lying” version of the Mac Pro, unlike the usual variant not yet identified. The same components, the same configuration option set is identical in composition and price. The same set of PCIe-slots, through which the Mac Pro can do wonders (about which we will talk another time).

And so he looks back

That is, the mystery seems to be still there, but it’s gone. However, as what we expect from Apple for $ 500? There is, however, one oddity that haunts me. In fact, rackmount computers, if you have sufficient knowledge and experience can be used as a normal desktop computer. Xserve ‘s on the table, connected to a 27-inch monitor, it seems LG made a strong impression. The one who knows the characteristics of rackmount computers that will definitely kill it for a few days. But the kit is a rackmount Mac Pro, in addition to a pair of rails, includes Magic Mouse 2, keyboard, Magic Keyboard, digital keyboard and meter cable to USB adapter-C – Lightning for charging, not necessary in all cases of computer use. It’s the little things, but when you calculate the cost and purpose of the base price (excluding taxes and fees for consumers) they are multiplied by a secret factor.

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Do you need a Mac Pro anyone?

Judging by the responses of professionals working in large (and wealthy) companies, both the Mac Pro isn’t just needed – and needed urgently. These companies typically buy computers in large or very large quantities. In such cases it is customary to refer to the representatives of the company and to negotiate favorable prices. For obvious reasons the accuracy of this method of assessing demand is low. The most affordable way is also not very accurate: about the demand for the Mac Pro say the time frame in which it promise to deliver. For the first month of the existence of a normal Mac Pro repeatedly time of the alleged delivery was increased to one month or even two. Hardly due to errors or lack of professionalism of staff Apple. When the opportunity to order a rack-mountable Mac Pro has just appeared, it promised to deliver in a week. After a few hours – in two weeks. Apparently, we need. Despite the fact that as a gaming computer, according to experts in this field, will not do.

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