Why you should not buy Apple equipment from the Apple

To go to the Apple Store (even online) and something there to buy – this is the dream of probably every fan of the Apple brand. Agree, there is something correct and universally important. Thus, we would like pay tribute to your favorite company that produces such amazing products. That’s just the practical benefits of these actions, however important they may seem to you, there is absolutely. Where and when to buy Apple equipment to benefit from it – in the material AppleInsider.ru.

The first reason is to abandon shopping in the Apple (Online) Store, is the price. See for yourself:

  • MacBook Air: Apple Online Store – 78 thousand in the retail sector – 68 thousand;
  • XS iPhonein Apple Online Store – 90 thousand in the retail sector – 82 thousand;
  • iPhone 7: Apple Online Store – 40 thousand, in retail and 35 thousand;
  • 2018 iPad in Apple Online Store – 25 thousand, in retail – 22 thousand.

To buy an iPhone at a discount

Believe me, you can list all products from the range Apple Online Store and they will still be more expensive than the retailers. What is the reason, hard to say. Perhaps partners just decided not to raise prices for its products due to low purchasing prices that allowed us to ignore two-percent increase in the VAT rate. It is also possible that Apple purposefully makes discounts for retailers to provoke a demand, and she just — that is — “keep face”.

When it is profitable to buy iPhone

However, I must say that retailers are starting to lower prices just a few months after the release of the new apparatus, and therefore, if you want to save, wait. Buying first won’t bring you practical benefits, and the ability to save 10 or 15% of the cost of the device will.

How to save on the purchase iPhone

Another reason in favor of buying a retailers — loyalty program. Almost all large retailers have their own loyalty program which consists in the accrual of points or granting of any discount. For example, buying the iPhone XS 64 GB in “M. Video”, you will get 2520 points on a bonus card, which can be converted to 2,500 rubles. “Eldorado” in turn, for the same purchase credited 2770 points, which are translated at the rate of 1 point = 1 ruble. In addition, if you pay for an online purchase on the website store, you can get a discount of 2-5% depending on the type of product.

Buy iPhone in installments

Final reason — installment. Apple really is not cheap and for many consumers the only way to buy something with the Apple logo on the back of the panel is a loan or installment plan. Apple, unlike retailers, it does not provide similar programs, which is a pity, because at once to pay 90 Grand for a smartphone may be only a very few. Referring to the company’s partners among retailers, you can always count on the loan or installments from 6 to 36 months and not much to pay.

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