Why you should not buy Samsung Galaxy Fold. And it’s not just the screen

Samsung Galaxy Fold – a truly unique device. Futuristic smartphone that embodies the dreams of techies in reality, and that Samsung teased us over the years. Foldable display now, finally appeared in the serial, albeit very expensive, smartphone, and therefore can be in the hands of any user. It is definitely a big step forward for the entire mobile industry and made it Samsung.

Then adds to the weight and the fact that Galaxy Fold has the most advanced hardware to date – it is much more powerful than many laptops, and it looks like a miracle of industrial design. But all this, of course, it’s worth a lot of money… 180 thousand rubles for a smartphone? Anyone actually willing to spend this amount on a phone?

Of course, it is difficult to say something for those who designed this marvel of engineering for pre-order, because if you have money, you love technology and you’re a fan of Samsung, then the question of whether the purchase of a first foldable smartphone from your favorite manufacturer even does not arise. Everything is obvious.

But those who are very close to confirming payment for the release, but still feels indecision, let me give you a tip: “Hold your horses and read this first though.”

And no, we are not talking about the recent “hype” around the Samsung due to the fact that the screens on some Galaxy Fold broke down because their owners were to peel the protective screen layer. No, there are many reasons why we believe you should not spend 180K on this smartphone, and right here we will describe.

It’s mostly a portable tablet

They call it the “foldable smartphone”, but I think Galaxy Fold more like an Android tablet. Given how scary small external screen, only makes sense that most of your time will you spend with this device, using it in the expanded state. That’s what makes it, for the most part, a 7-inch tablet that can fit in your pocket, and also if necessary to receive calls.

Of course, it’s cool. But if it’s cool enough to be worth 180 thousand rubles? Not to mention the fact that the experience from the use of the software on tablets running Android has never been famous for its convenience.

It doesn’t offer anything better than the Galaxy S10+

Besides the fact that the Galaxy Fold has a bigger display, but otherwise it offers almost all the same that you can get with cheaper Galaxy S10+ – it runs on the same CPU and has the same camera. Well, the Galaxy Fold have 12 GB of RAM, while the Galaxy S10+ “only” 8 GB… but in fairness, and this amount is now more than enough. You can even go even further and say that the Galaxy S10+, in fact, have a headphone Jack, but it is, frankly, not very convincing in 2019 argument.

In fact, there is still something more – 5G Galaxy S10 (not yet released) will ship with the module ToF over all the cameras of the Galaxy S10+. This means that if you are like most users now appreciate the smartphone for its camera, S10 5G will really be able to offer something more special than the Galaxy Fold.

Its flexible screen will not last long

And again, I’m not talking about the recent scandal when some journalists has damaged the screen by removing its protective layer. There is a real concern because this layer is easy to scratch yourself, without outside interference. But how?

Well, it’s plastic. To make the screen foldable, only plastic and is used. Samsung says that it uses a very durable polymer, but we all know that it’s still not glass. This means that in any contact with hard objects or even random garbage the screen is scratched a lot faster than you would like.

Yeah, Samsung said that “the phone folds inward, so the screen is protected when not in use”, but as we know, in the closed state of the Galaxy Fold still has a small gap formed by the hinge to the screen is not broken in the middle. This gap will allow any debris to pass directly through the internal part of the phone. Murphy’s law States that all dust, sand and other small debris nearby will fall into this gap of when your smartphone will be in your pocket, purse or even on the table. This plastic screen will retain its good looks for a short while.

To turn into a paranoid, who constantly checks in your pocket on the subject of something before you put Galaxy Fold, then, holding my breath, opens it and sees that the dust still got on the screen is not what I would like to get 180 thousand rubles, or to wish someone else. Oh Yes, to stick on the screen protector also does not work, because to work correctly, the screen of Samsung is not advised to do this.

This device first generation

It’s been said more than once, but I repeat again: “do Not buy technology 1st generation, if you are willing to put up with constant headaches”. The first generation usually more expensive than the more recent iteration comes with a bunch of compromises and bugs that will be fixed only in next version or with updates (but they also need to wait for an indefinite amount of time).

Despite the fact that it is available for purchase to anyone wishing Galaxy Fold is still experimental or even conceptual device. Given that the first smartphone with a foldable display in the face of the Galaxy Fold is already out and gradually begins to “run-in” users, the second generation of the wait is very long (compared to how long we waited the first generation), and probably it will be released it will be released next year. There is not much reason to buy the Galaxy Fold now when you can wait a few month and buy it advanced receiver for most likely more affordable price.

So if you are a rich fan of technology, I propose to spend your money elsewhere. And this, incidentally, can still be products Samsung – Galaxy buy Galaxy Tab S10 and S4 and you will still be the same great emotion and experience of top Samsung products, but for less money.

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