Why you should not hurry with the purchase of folding phones

What smartphone are you using right now? Surely you are viewing this article on your favorite phone from Samsung or Xiaomi with a familiar form factor and flat screen TV, isn’t it? However, the time when such phones will come to an end, is near. Now the market offers several foldable smartphones. This form factor will be a key already in 2021, however, whether to consider to purchase such a device today? The question I will try to answer.

Why you should not hurry with the purchase of folding phones

My colleague Artyom wrote about why you should not buy Fold and Mate X, and now it’s my turn to share my opinion about folding phones.

Foldable smartphones — extremely convenient format, there’s no denying the convenience of their use, when at any moment we can turn the small device into a full-fledged tablet or a very compact book in the usual 6-inch device.

As you guessed, I mean Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Flip Galaxy Z and the Motorola Razr. The first two is more of a foldable tablet, but the latter offer a form factor familiar to all books. These phones were popular in the early 2000-ies, but today appeared in front of us completely different appearance.

Like the format and the Fold Mate X when the phone in the unfolded state offer displays comparable in size with screens full of tablets. Such 2-in-1 device will undoubtedly be handy in the future as content on the Network is becoming more and more, people want to have great multitasking, and only with a similar form factor this will be possible.

Galaxy Z Flip

In addition, the smartphone consumer wants to replace not only a tablet but also a laptop, that’s why manufacturers offer in their phones from the desktop mode, which has, incidentally, built-in Android 10 and is an experimental feature. The presence of a desktop mode will result in the increase of screens, and that Fold with Mate X coupled with such a regime are the logical continuation in the development of the smartphone market.

But in this whole situation is one big problem — cost. Current smart phones in a similar form factor are too expensive. 1500-2000 dollars at present very few people willing to pay for the phone. For the money the consumer can buy some regular Surface X, or MacBook, acquiring to it dialer.

Galaxy Z Flip

Smartphones tablets desktop mode can be a substitute for all devices only if they offer more beneficial price tag. In my opinion, the market today, you need a analogue of the Fold at a cost of $ 300-400. Yes, he will not be equipped with flagship hardware and a better camera, but the feature of this device is clearly not in it. And something tells me that many popular Chinese brands are already working on such phones. However, the phones-they call it more difficult — it’s more of a personal device.

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I have no doubt that such devices in the coming year will be much cheaper, but I really really want to do this as soon as possible.

If you would like to obtain a different view of the foldable device, you can view the material by my colleague Vladimir, where he reveals the advantages of folding devices.

Do you agree with the author? Do you think that folding phone is that the time is getting cheaper and are you ready to purchase such a device for $ 1,500 today? Share your opinion in the comments and don’t forget about our chat Telegram.

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