Why you should not rush with the installation of macOS Catalina

Probably each of us faced with a dilemma: to install the update, which was released by Apple now and get access to all new features or to wait a while for install someone you know and tell you about all the bugs. Lately, those who choose the second option turns out to be more and more. Affects common sense, because who wants to risk their expensive device, which so far – PAH-PAH – functions quite properly? With respect to macOS Catalina this approach is more than justified.

Want to be updated on a macOS Catalina? Think again

The first thing users love the updates — it’s innovation. But, despite the fact that macOS Catalina really contains a lot of new features, make use of them you will not succeed. For example, the ability to run apps from iPad to Mac was not quite what we were promised in Cupertino. According to the developers, the transfer takes a lot of time and effort. As a result, many applications that are planned for this fall, suffered as much at the end of the year. And since work on porting the tablet versions of the Mac applications require a lot, and free to do their will not want anyone.

Can I connect iPad to Mac

Apple is in no hurry to release new features to their OS. What’s the matter?

Similar situation is with the Sidecar feature, which allows you to connect your iPad to your Mac as an external monitor and a graphics tablet. It turns out that Apple has limited the feature to only iPads Apple Pencil and new Mac models, leaving behind even the MacBook Pro 2015 and MacBook Air 2017, though it has an actual iron. In Cupertino explained that technical limitations, but we found a way to run a Sidecar on unsupported devices, though fairly trivial.

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macOS Catalina is the first version of the desktop OS from Apple, which officially does not support 32-bit applications. This went on for a long time, but still blocking them led to the collapse. As it turned out, many users were not even aware that they are using 32-bit software, and after installing updates not able to run many familiar applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the original package. Despite the fact that they came out in 2011, they still are popular among users.

Why not start application on Mac

However, the package of Microsoft Office was not limited. Many users complained about crashes Adobe applications. They say that the cause of incompatibility issues. Because of this, users Lightroom Classic lost the ability to import photos from Nikon camera and lost access to the functions Lens Profile Creator. Users of Photoshop are not more fortunate, because they were left without the ability to change the extension of files, lost access to many plugins and functions.

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But if part of the problems described be solved, in General, possible, to regain the support of 32-bit applications or to teach an older Mac and iPad to run Sidecar without dancing with a tambourine will not happen. Therefore, there can be two outputs. The first is to accept the constraints, to replace the 32-bit to 64-bit and with peace of mind updated for macOS Catalina. Second — don’t update at all. However, in this case, you risk your safety, after all the updates — this is primarily a guarantee of protection against hacking, although not one hundred percent.

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