Why you should update to the iOS version 11.3 – and when it will be available?

Many of the users devices to the iPhone especially iPad general, have to follow Apple to know new updates, we periodically cover these news tasks, and provide explanations and appropriate, and today our talk will be about the upcoming release iOS 11.3, and why you should update to it when it is issued, and when it will be released !

لماذا يجب عليك التحديث إلى الإصدار iOS 11.3 - ومتى سيتوفر ؟

Why you should update to the iOS version 11.3 – and when it will be available?

Why didn’t you sub-versions and updates for?

In general, we can say that the iOS version 11 one of the worst versions that Apple launched, although it is good in many devices, but that Apple couldn’t control it well in the rest of the hardware, causing a lot of problems, many complaints about it, especially after the problem of the battery in the iPhones of old.

Where they become slow devices automatically due to the weakness or corruption of the battery, has confirmed the Apple that it has to do with battery older devices., the The solution provided to users through access to battery iPhone new for a low price, and we have explained you the way to get a new battery at a low price through: this company, and this company.

This was a duty on Apple to continue to release updates, we are currently in the official version of iOS 11.2.6, and soon wait for next release iOS 11.3, do we have to update it when you release it?

Is it necessary to update to iOS 11.3 to?

Be sure that the answer is: yes, as Apple is seeking through this version to make the system more stable, better in terms of performance, as well as the benefits provided by, the most important control feature in the battery of the iPhone and performance, this feature that ensures that you get the following:

  • The possibility of knowing the status of the battery and need to be replaced or not.
  • Feature off the throttle and slow down the Processor to conserve battery power.
  • More details about the consumption of battery power.

All of these advantages you will find when you go to Settings, then battery, and of course is the primary feature for which they sought Apple to launch iOS version 11.3, and, of course, with the advantages of the new branch, you can identify them through our article: The Hidden advantages in the iOS update 11.3 !

When will Apple release update iOS 11.3 to?

No one can know the answer about this, and Apple don’t disclose their plans, never, and don’t put a schedule to provide updates, however, one of the specialized companies in the field of the microphones standby, confirmed through a tweet (deleted now), that Apple will this week launch the iOS version 11.3.

Of course I cannot be sure of the credibility of this news, but not anyone can speak of something only from the source or a leak, nevertheless remains the possibility of the Apple TV that is set, and in return may postpone it until the month of March, where he is expected to hold a conference of its own to detect new organs.


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Do you suffer from the problem of the battery? Do you think that the iOS version 11.3 will the problem?

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