Why you shouldn’t buy a PlayStation 4 right now?

With the presence of dozens of games is excellent, and the prices are good already, better than ever, it is really tempting to buy the PlayStation 4, but maybe you should wait for PlayStation 5, which is expected to reach in 2020, but this alone is not reason enough to not buy a PlayStation 4.

The reason most convincing, is that the PlayStation 5 will be running games for the PlayStation 4, as confirmed Sony this in a recent interview with Wired magazine, with other details about the device PlayStation next.

Spider-Man (PS4)

This is great news indeed for all owners of PlayStation 4, if you have one already, you will your gaming library to the new machine with ease, but for those who don’t have it then wait and buy a device running games for the PlayStation 4 and the 5 best to get a device called Run Games for PlayStation 4 only.

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There is no argument other financial must be noted, which is that the PlayStation 5 may be more expensive than usual, so that it gets the Wizards a completely new means of storage is more expensive, this will affect definitely on the price, while the PlayStation 4 Pro three-year-old cost 400$, it has cost the PlayStation 5 more, so, instead of buying a PlayStation 4 Now, why not spare this money and add to it a little bit to buy a PlayStation 5 next year?

Source: wired

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