Why you want to buy Titan Apple Watch 5

The main feature of the new Apple Watch Series 5, which was presented this week was the display, which is made by technology LTPO and is always active. The company has taken this step so that users do not have to constantly turn it on and have the opportunity to see their information. But that’s not the only innovation of smart hours from Apple.

In the US, available titanium and ceramic version of the Apple Watch Series 5

In addition to the regular versions of aluminum and stainless steel, Apple also released a titanium model of the Apple Watch Series 5. She designs the main line, available in two sizes: 40 and 44 mm. In the US, this version will cost at least $ 800 (about 50,000 rubles) — it is called “Apple Watch Edition Series 5″. As it turned out, superior to the ordinary version, it is not only its premium material.

What the Apple Watch is better

According to the Apple website, Apple Watch Series 5 titanium with a display of 40 mm and 44 mm respectively and weigh 35,1 41,7 g, which is 13 percent lighter than stainless steel models with a screen 40 and 44 mm, which weigh while 40.6 and 47.8, respectively.

At the same time, aluminum model Series 5 with a screen 40 and 44 mm weigh, respectively, to 30.8 and 36.5 g., almost identical with the parameters of aluminum models of Series 4.

So, for $ 800, customers will receive not only the Apple Watch with a titanium case, but also a watch that will be much easier the other models. Unlikely, of course, the difference will be noticeable immediately on hand, but this advantage is still significant.

Titanium Apple Watch near

If you are already focused on buying a Series 5 from Titan, forced to disappoint — Russia officially will be sold only to models with aluminum housing. Yes, Apple has long ceased to implement in Russia stainless steel watch, so the sales of the titanium version on the Russian market the company is not interested.

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Users from Russia, where it will be only the GPS version, you will have to pay a minimum of 32 990 rubles. We watch will be available for order September 18 at 0:00 Moscow time. They can be ordered on the official website of Apple and the partners of the company from among authorized Resellers.

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