Why YouTube Music is the best music service in 2020

YouTube Music is now represented in many countries, including Russia. He appeared with us in the summer of 2018 along with a YouTube Premium subscription. Since I am a regular user of the premium subscription YouTube, which includes the use of YouTube Music. The cost of an individual subscription is $ 199. Family YouTube Premium subscription will cost 299 rubles. Of course, you can separately purchase subscriptions to YouTube Music for $ 169, but does it make sense, when almost for the same price we offered and the lack of advertising on YouTube?

YouTube Music is the best music service

By the way, initially I took a premium subscription due to the lack of advertising, but later abandoned Facebook in favor of YT Music. Vkontakte, in addition to the restrictions on listening in 30 minutes, constantly inserts ads up to about 30 seconds. You can imagine that the service listening to three-minute songs put 30-second commercial?

In addition, the algorithm of advertising in Facebook extremely stupid. Always when I try to listen to music in this social network, after 1-2 of the track appears first is. That is, the user has no time to enjoy listening to, as he is immediately trying to shove 30-second ads. After these inserts, I immediately close and open VK YT Music. In Vkontakte implemented advertising inserts are not very good, thus pushing away potential subscribers, but today it’s not about Boom.

What is so good music YouTube? First, 2 years later he has become a good replacement to Spotify and other similar services. At least nASHI colleagues from androidauthority already decided to move on YT Music. It offers a good mix has a easy and clear story of the auditions, the section with the huskies. The system mixes trained and likes is one of the teaching methods. For example, if you like jazz music, the mix will automatically adjust to the new tastes.

For many a pleasant bonus can be live-performances taken from YouTube. Convenient to have all in one service. Gradually, YT Music there are interesting functions. When the service was only launched, it was impossible even to repeat the track. Now these children’s problems, of course not, and the service is not inferior to any other, has a convenient app for iOS and Androidas well as cool web version.

By the way, recently the service has become a progressive web application with the ability to add it to the desktop. Thus, the browser interface disappears and YT Music appears in a minimalistic window:

PWA-app YouTube Music

How has my relationship to YouTube?

After 2 years of premium subscription, I am ecstatic. In truth, I tend not to buy anything, but a paid subscription YouTube Premium — the only thing that I could not refuse. After launching the YouTube subscriptions increased two to three times the amount of ads for standard users, from which the use of the service is converted to permanent nerve attempts to click on “Skip ad”. In the case of a paid subscription, this is no problem. Not at all.

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The lack of advertising had a positive impact on my wellbeing when using the service. Besides, this is a significant time savings. According to the statistics, I spend 1.5-3 hours per day on watching YouTube. Imagine how many minutes a day and nerves you can save on the lack of advertising.

What do you think about the service. Share your opinion, if you’re already an active user of YouTube and YouTube Music. And don’t forget to discuss this and other news in our chat Telegram.

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