Wi-Fi networks 6 brother or a complement for V?

The consequences of the world during this year the appearance of the capabilities of the fifth generation of mobile network promises (5G) which is ranked globally as one of the top technology trends for 2019, which will extend to a new era of communication. At the same time, there are Wi-Fi networks 6, the new generation of wireless networking technologies show features the work and promises that leave their networks of the fifth generation, and both technologies for the kind of that will happen soon in the world of communications, the thrust of this point boils down to providing faster speeds, to connect to the internet, reducing time delays and provide the network density is high as well as speed up the process of building smart cities is real.

In this article, we will discuss some questions about Wi-Fi technology 6, try to buy points that are indispensable for every consumer or company about their knowledge.

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How will Consumer capacity Wi-Fi networks 6 of?

Several studies suggest that the average number of connected devices in each home may have up to 20 machines, as well as the data traffic generated by each device in a stable growth, leads to the slowing down of the internet connection, hence the need to the Wi-Fi technology 6 to improve radically the problems that we face in Wi-Fi 5 is the current version that bore the symbol 802.11 ac, the new improved distribution of speeds on all the devices connected to the network and the speed of the connection devices by four to ten times.

No doubt we all, we’ll welcome the arrival of Wi-Fi 6, to our homes, but we’re going to get of it when you choose this technique places the broad and densely populated devices and users, as in shopping centers, airports, hotels and public companies in the streets, we all see the quality of the connection vulnerable when we call networks of this places a huge member count large users. Here Comes the role of Wi-Fi 6 believe the speed of the internet better and more stable in crowded environments.

What does Wi-Fi 6 to reducing consumption of the battery?

Maybe we’ll soon see companies consumer business to reduce voice communications marketing about the capacities and features of the card and its organs midwife to connect to the network because the Wi-Fi networks 6 promise with interesting is the “battery life longer”. Come Wi-Fi 6 with a Target Wake Time that works to increase the battery life of the devices connected to the network through improved communication between the device and the (the router). More precisely, when the device is connected to a WiFi network 6, speaks the narrator in the process of data transfer across the disable contact automatically when it is not needed. The result of providing great energy in battery-operated devices, especially those supporting to deliver the Internet of things.

What about the train companies?

Will all of us, what will be its Wi-Fi networks 6 of advanced features to network our homes, but the larger community of the arrival of this technology are the companies and sectors of the business that carries the environments modern and connected, as Will business owners on the investment returns of the feasible risks of modern business in the case of investment in this technology and installed systems in their companies. And soon will be the process of installing Wi-Fi networks 6 basic upgrade, which without them, would the companies of the major obstacle to raise its growth rate.

Technically, supports Wi-Fi 6 the time of the arrival of the company amounting to less than one millisecond, the width of the frequency range of up to 10 Gbps, and the Internet of things with intelligent controller with the level of energy consumption, as well as on the reliability of calling the police. No doubt that the investment of these actresses are smart, will happen a real revolution in the mechanism driving our business, and of course the detailed examples of the about its many. Suppose the number of IoT devices that can be installed within a single working environment, or virtual reality applications, or augmented, which will cover the ranks of the universities in all disciplines, or the capacity to export high precision in the laboratories of health care, or virtual meetings that gathered a huge number of callers and the process of data transfer is visible at 100 Mbps, or vocational training for pro-growth mixed (default one) within the industry sector.

So, if we look at the outcomes of investment in this network strategically, we see it becomes in many various seeking companies at the time of the BET, such as enhancing productivity levels, and team collaboration, reduce workload, and improve customer experiences, accelerate transition to the cloud, and support the data exchange rate, and a lot of expectations and future goals.

If it is a brother or a suitable network of Generation V?

A question may comes to mind of many, the understanding of the same importance and the same benefits. The answer to this question does not require a lot of thinking, there is no doubt that Wi-Fi 6 brother not a competitor. More precisely; they complement each other, each type of network conditions and its own. The former, i.e., the Fifth Army meet in the great outdoors affects are often on mobile devices outside of WiFi networks, while deployed Wi-Fi networks 6 more indoors regardless of their size.

No doubt we will hear more about these two networks the closer the date of their arrival to the Arab world and everyone is excited to see them and how there on the course of our lives. We at Cisco are aware that the date of their arrival is very close, we are working closely with stakeholders to address all obstacles to the arrival of these two techniques to our region.

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