Wikipedia added a previews page to facilitate browsing

She added, Wikipedia is a useful new feature that allows previews of pages inside the Encyclopedia, and the Wikimedia Foundation it is one of the biggest changes to the Wikipedia version, for Office in recent years, and the exposure of the feature to preview the page to eliminate the pop-up window provides some brief information about the article that hovering the mouse pointer over it.

Can bear reading through any page in the Wikipedia to the rabbit hole can take you to places you weren’t expecting it, can be this exploring adventure fun and informative, but it can also be distracting, especially if the article which you click is really useful.

And previews page the new image sentences the describe the article in short when hovering with the mouse pointer over the link, clicking on the pop-up window will take you to the article on the if you move the mouse away, you’ll recover.

And Wikimedia that it conducted extensive tests to develop the water, and found that most users react positively to her and that as a result of the decreased proportion of page views as a whole this means that users or get more information on fewer pages.

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