Wikipedia project browse the Encyclopedia, but the cost of Internet

ويكيميديا تطبيق

ويكيميديا تطبيق

The Wikimedia Foundation decided to stop the project Wikipedia Zero, which allows to browse the content of Wikipedia via smart phones in some states Free not counting the cost of an Internet connection in cooperation with telecommunications companies.

Was Wikimedia has launched a project in 2012 in order to deliver the content of the Encyclopedia to a greater number of users in the emerging countries, which relate to the call limited to the internet and the cost is relatively high to provide them knowledge for free.

Now will be the foundation of any partnership agreements New this year, as to agreements of the former will not extend the rate that during this year the project will be stopped entirely.

Reported the Wikimedia group of the reasons that pushed her to stop the project, most notably that users in developing countries don’t even know of the existence of Wikipedia and they are compared with users in developed countries.

As to the cost of calling the police has significantly decreased in many States during the past five years, therefore, remains one of the most prominent motivations for the survival of the project.

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