Will be able to Note phones Samsung Galaxy to access menus speed

Galaxy S10e ---

Become a secret lists in restaurants are fairly common, where typically contain dishes might not know a lot of people, and in some cases, it may in fact be more delicious than what is served to the public. It may be possible to know the elements of list speed these, it seems that if you are one of the millions of Galaxy, you’ll be able to access some.

Samsung recently announced that it has partnered with four restaurants in the UK where you will have the access to the secret list but only if you hold the phone to type Galaxy. These include restaurants, Bill’s and The Breakfast Club and Patty & Bun and Pizza Pilgrims, and if you own a Galaxy, you’ll need to go to a Samsung on the internet and scan the code on the table, and after that show the dish.

It won’t work if you are using smart phones is a subsidiary of Samsung, but we assume that there’s nothing to stop millions Galaxy of ordering food on behalf of their friends, right? We’re not sure of the cities that is expected to continue in this promo, but it seems that it represents an absolutely fantastic way to take advantage of modern technology. And, of course, we suspect that access to the secret menu would be enough to convince people the acquisition of the Galaxy, but if you own the Galaxy and live in the UK, it may be useful to check it out if you want to experience new things.


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