Will bend if the iPhone and iPad?

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Fold? If Apple released something similar, it would be trampled into the dirt – because the level of technology is still insufficient to create a flawless mobile devices-transformers with a flexible screen, and to make them available to a wide customer masses prevents them inevitably high price. That thinks Apple? Official information on this point, but there are signs and rumors.

Bent – not always a good thing

In fact, the first commercially available flexible device, after all, released Apple. I mean the “inflexible” iPad Pro 2018, which has a lot of advantages over the Galaxy Fold – the iPad Pro is cheaper and more popular, they have really millions of people for serious professional work. It was a joke. “Flexibility” iPad Pro 2018 is unintentional feature, the flaw of their creators, what their users have to put up with, because the rest of these iPad is the best. But seriously, this September Samsung again made history, now as the company which first started to sell everyone a smartphone with a flexible screen of the future. And no matter how imperfect and unreliable they may seem, is “a small step for Samsung, and one big step for mankind”. The more that this achievement was neither easy nor quick: the project has worked hard, at least in 2013.

For the past many years, I constantly hear that smartphones have been exhausted, all they could come up with really useful and necessary to someone already invented, and that they have no future. A few years ago said the same thing and wrote about the tablets. In fact, it was not something bright and inspiring in these areas – and mobile device-transformers – this is exactly what was missing. The miracle we waited so long, obviously convenient and useful thing. But even if this hope for a miracle is not shone, the rumors of the death of the smartphone would be somewhat exaggerated. While they have no decent replacement, talking about the end of history is just too early. Mobile transformers flick of the wrist turns from a smartphone into a tablet and back, this is still very far away. And, if you think it’s the same smartphone, and tablet.

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More or less understand why Apple has not yet got involved in this epic. First, Apple is not currently developing displays. The rest of those devices to design, though not easy, but still “not nuclear physics”, as the Americans say. Secondly, the idea of such devices, there is nothing new, that needed someone in something to convince. If not for a brilliant presentation of the first iPhone, it would not cause no one interest, its specification, anyone not impressed as its design. And despite the brilliant performance, the most important thing happened when the first of them was in the hands of the public. The idea of devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold enough that floated in the air – something like this has happened. In the previous round of evolution, in the form of a flip-phone. Almost all of the early iPhone prototypes were while in the smart phone tried to turn on the iPod.

When will the bent iPhone

There is no official information, not even more or less plausible leaks on this subject, but in the information age when everything in the world is interconnected, if any, even absolutely secret project involves at least two companies to hide the ends is almost impossible. “I know two – knows the pig.” In 2018 (when the “indomitable” spirit of the new iPad Pro met the General public) Samsung gave Apple a set of flexible displays with a diagonal size (when open) to 7.2 per inch. This is slightly less than the Samsung Galaxy Fold (7.3 inches), and considerably less than iPad mini (7.9 inches). The relationship between Apple and Samsung if and warmer than between North and South Korea, it is not much. But that does not stop Samsung to make Apple a significant part of its income, and the displays in these earnings perform an important role. The fact that the transfer was recorded “analysts”, the accuracy of the information – proved.

But more importantly, to answer the question “why is this Apple display-transformer?” Do you believe that the leadership of Samsung wanting selflessly and naively brag to the Apple of your achievements and let her dust in the eyes, would be sent to Cupertino sample of your latest developments? Tell us in our Telegram chat. Most likely, this was preceded by talks between the companies, and usually these things are done with an eye to something more. That is top secret display, which Samsung decided to learn more one of its most important competitors, though the leaks but these leaks have absolutely nothing about which one could not guess. Folded it is suitable for a smartphone, when expanded for the tablet slightly smaller than the latest iPad mini, folded it in half (have a Xiaomi one embodiment of such a display consists of three parts).

While none of the normal concept we haven’t seen

Make assumptions based on one fact – exciting and nice, but there are other sources of information. In recent years, starting from 2017, Apple defended the patent rights to several inventions related to flexible displays, one of them describes two ways of increasing their resistance to destruction along the axis of articulation of the parts of the display. For example, by heating region are at risk. In one of the patents describes how to display folded along multiple axes. And a lot more. However, the number of patents of Apple is hardly the leader in this world, and only a tenth of the patented found in Apple’s products.

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About any orders from Apple for the purchase of more or less large runs of folding displays no information. Most likely, not all of the problems that Apple deems unacceptable in its products has been resolved. Any soon to an iPhone or iPad with a flexible screen we can’t see. Some experts expect them in September 2020, but most of them, including an analyst and Taiwanese company KGI Ming Chi-Kuo is confident that it will happen not earlier than in two years. Maybe in three. While there will break the neck and head, Apple would prefer to refrain from adventures. Then, one day, she will release her version of this and we finally understand how everything is supposed to look and function in reality.

Curved smartphones is here

The old and familiar enemy who honestly fulfil their commitments is good, but isn’t there in our vast world of alternative flexible screens from Samsung, which could meet the requirements of the Apple? There are, to be sure, the most interesting of them I think international company Royole, the headquarters of which are located in the USA (Fremont, CA), in Shengjini and Guangdong (in China). The ultra modern plant of the company is Sanjani. The development of this company seem more interesting and advanced the company is young (born in 2012), based serious scientists from different countries of the world. But because of the “tariff,” even if products of this company outperform screens from Samsung, their use in the iPhone and/or iPad are unlikely. Now, if they built a plant somewhere in Arizona, near ASU (the University of Arizona, one of the leading developers of flexible displays), the situation would change.

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