Will Bitcoin fall? The experts

Last week, Bitcoin has dropped significantly. The coin is now a little played fall and is trading at 6.2 thousand dollars. Soon, the fall may continue — according to interviewees “RIA Novosti” analysts, the first course is the first cryptocurrency can be reduced to 5 thousand dollars.

What will happen to Bitcoin forecast of analysts

Analyst “Alpari” Vladislav Antonov believes that the reason for the fall will be news from the US and Japan. There regulators have begun checking the activities of the largest cripture, among whom were BitFlyer and Coinbase. When the Supervisory authority will publish the results of inspections is unknown, but this day can be really black for the stock market, says Antonov.

The head of Enigma and co-founder of cryptocurrency Fund ICG Igor Nurtdinov believes that the course is the first cryptocurrency was affected by the hacking of South Korea’s largest exchange Bithumb.

With each such case reduces the credibility of cryptomerias, where investors risk losing all your money. At this time the exchange got off lightly at $ 30 million, which it will cover from its own reserves. Against this background, South Korea has decided to tighten the requirements for the exchanges in order to avoid similar situations.

Sartabanov added that now even the smallest negativity can become the reason of falling of the market.

The price of Bitcoin fell to 5.8 thousand dollars, which is the lowest price in the last 7-8 months. It is psychologically difficult price, especially for those who came to the autumn daze 2017. Signs of reversal, we do not see, despite the fact that the market is oversold.

I hope for a change of trend in the near future. Expect growth to at least 20 thousand dollars.

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