Will detect a series phones Moto G7 Series in Brazil in February, before MWC 2019


Will be series phones Moto G7 Series coming from Motorola important for the company because it will have to harvest the largest possible number of sales. In the past year, the Motorola detects series phones Moto G6 which was composed of the Moto G6 and Moto G6 Plus and Moto G6 Play in the Brazilian city of São Paulo in the month of April last.

This year, is expected to take the Motorola approach of aggression somewhat more when it comes to the timing of the press conference. According to a new report from the Brazilian society AndroidPit, citing sources in Brazil, it appears that Motorola is going to dislodge the curtain officially series phones Moto G7 Series in the month of February next, and exactly prior to Mobile World Congress MWC 2019. Brazil is one of the markets that receive the Motorola phones are very popular, and therefore it is appropriate to say Motorola slide the curtain officially series its new smartphones Moto G7 Series in this country.

If this report is true, it appears that Motorola is ready to bet everything on series phones Moto G7 Series. It was possible to wait until Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to announce this new series in an international event in Europe, but it seems they decided not to do so risks to steal the spotlight from them by other companies that will be on its new smartphones also in this event. Not only this, they have become the Latin American market competitive increasingly with that more Chinese companies to manufacture smart phones in South America.

For the safety of phones Moto G7 Series new, we have heard in the past that it would Four smart phones at least, these are all from the Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus and Moto G7 Play and Moto G7 Power note that the latter would most likely be a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh.


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