Will knock the last nail in the coffin of the social network Path in the month of October next


Some of you might remember the social network Path, which focuses mainly on users of mobile devices. At some point, been described as a suitable occasion Facebook. Created a social network Path From A to Z with the introduction of mobile devices into account, focus on small groups. Have never been close to rival Facebook, has now confirmed that this social network will not already exist for a longer time.

In fact, he confirmed the company through publication on the official blog that it will officially shut down the social network Path on the 18th day of October next. It should be noted that the launch of this social network in 2010, and while they succeeded in gaining enough energy in the beginning, the team says it is inevitable ” closed service “.

The team will remove the application Path from my store and the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the first day of the month of October. Will be closed the same service on the 18th day of October. In the fifteenth of the following month, will be closed all customer service channels for your Path also.

By October 18, the users can recover and recovering a copy of their data that include images, text and videos. You should visit the following link : https://path.com/settings/backups, and log in using an account with the Path their own. You will be sent a link to download the backup of their data to them via e-mail.



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