Will look like iPhone SE 2 most likely – a photo and design !

Pat the advent of the telephone the new version of the iPhone, the SE is assured with the availability of the reports and the leaks that you’re talking about and if you don’t tell Apple about it officially, and there is new information exciting about the iPhone SE 2 platforms!

هكذا سيبدو هاتف iPhone SE 2 على الأرجح - صور و تصميمات !

Will look like iPhone SE 2 probably !

iPhone SE 2 .. the same design for iPhone X

Extrusion of the upper and reduce edges of the screen and remove the Home button and replaced with facial recognition Face ID will be the designs of future phones iPhone all this year and iPhone SE 2.

Company Olixar manufacturer accessories iPhone published pictures of the specialist was to be the design of the iPhone SE 2 and it appears very similar to the iPhone X, from the front in particular. Extrusion of the upper with the lack of a Home button refers to embed the technology Face ID but I don’t know how to will Apple TV work without raising the price of the iPhone SE 2 for 350 USD, without being affected by the sales of the iPhone X.

These images are designed based on information from the suppliers of Apple in China. The dimensions of the iPhone SE 2 will be 55 mm for the and 121 mm in length and that means that the screen will be measuring 4.7 inches and will be suitable for use with one hand.

iPhone SE 2 .. the dilemma of more and price!

Look the back side similar to Cell Phone iPhone 5s while the previous reports confirmed that the phone will carry the bottle design to feature wireless charging, also don’t know if Apple will retain the port of headphones, or are you going to remove it.

هكذا سيبدو هاتف iPhone SE 2

Will look like iPhone SE 2

Whatever the Apple in front of a great challenge by adding many advantages to the iPhone SE 2 and keep the price in the range of $ 400, you may be sacrificing some advantages for it such as wireless charging like and that don’t seem of great interest to many users and need to the charging base.

Apple didn’t launch any new versions of the iPhone SE since its launch in March 2016, only the last year to double the storage capacity of the NO, and about the date of the official launch of the new version, there is a considerable contradiction between the reports say that he will come during a conference Apple developers WWDC of 2018 next June, and the other confirming that the declaration will be in September.

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