Will look like the Motorola folding probably


It seems that smart phones are collapsible on its way to hit the market later this year. And certainly, we’ll hear a lot about these smart phones this year, which confirms that this new type of smart phones will receive the attention is very large. In fact, there have been reports that Motorola works similar to many other companies on her smart phone rollaway.

Now, thanks to the operators of the site LetsGoDigital, they have compiled some information from a set of patents registered in the name of the company to create the computer images won’t be how it will look like the Motorola folding probably. Note that these are not leaks, but images created using a computer based on designs that the company Motorola saved in the past and the elders of the invention. Whether this is the design of the Motorola folding or not, these images give us at least a glimpse of what can work on Motorola.

These new images won’t be the Motorola folding with Hinge in the middle which means it can be folded this phone in the middle like paper. When stretched, you get a large screen with dimensions somewhat similar to the dimensions of the screens small tablets, which is the screen that will help in improving the reading experience and browse the web and watch videos.

We expect to adopt smartphones folding coming from various other companies on the same concept or a similar concept, although the company Xiaomi has offered us a smartphone capable of folding with a folding screen in two axes. In case if you don’t know that, it is due to reveal the US Samsung officially on her smart phone folding at the press conference that will be held by the company on February 20 in San Francisco, so it would be interesting to know how it will look like the final design of the phone Samsung folding.


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