Will look like the trackpad of the new MacBook

One day, when we are literally “a bloody nose” had to do one difficult work, and she stubbornly resisted, I came across a shaking in my imagination the image of the MacBook Pro. The result of mastering the masses with Photoshop, but the idea I really liked – unfortunately, to find this picture again, I could not. The search led me to the archive of “Apple” patents and patent applications. What I was looking for it too was not, but I found something else. In industries in which working the Apple, thriving theft and chicanery. Ideas steal, if some one is gold (such as iPhone or iPod), it here is the incredible number of “true” authors. The patent or application for patent is an official document that describes the essence of the idea, also, check, fixing the filing date and other important moments of his life. Sometimes to prove in any other way the innocence of the Apple to a mammal of type “a camel” is almost impossible.

The concept of MacBook Pro, which could become a reality

At the time, Apple has patented a year more inventions than the rest of the PC industry put together. Anyway, were proud of John Scully, mentioned Michael Spindler and Gil Amelio (if you do not know: they were head of Apple Computer from 1983 to 1997), and it seems that even Steve had to agree. Inventors in the Apple has always lacked, but most of the patented ideas never ever been applied. Why Apple has spent (and spends) a lot of money – is understandable. What the idea of “shoot” and which are doomed to perpetual imprisonment in the archives, never know. You never know what?

What’s going on with MacBook Pro

However, as is the case always and everywhere, is the fact that gets sorely needed in these archives, in 99 cases out of 100, is not provided. Therefore, at each meeting, senior management of the company, all departments need to prepare all that may make sense. By the way, Apple is now not the leader in this field. It is either at the end of the top ten most inventive of her colleagues, either for eleventh place. Outright trash, which in the late 90s was not breathe, was noticeably less. And much of what did not matter in the case, as a rule interesting and a matter of respect. Experienced, thought, and decided to go the other way – as it should be. When trying to look for the solution to a problem, and it is not, this archive is “nexted” – and either idea is born as if by itself, or in fact in the deeds of their ancestors found something that may suggest the right way.

But to say that among what is described in the patent applications, and sometimes successfully issued and legally confirmed by the patents no longer meets Frank trash, alas, can not. Some of these ideas, I am sure, do not dream in a nightmare. Two of them are connected “geographical” community, I want to tell. I warn you, sometimes it’s scary. As they say in such cases – get screen from children, Pets and individuals with not too strong nerves. So: did you see that between you and the MacBook keyboard s of all types, on both sides of the trackpad is a huge no used space? It is also called the palmrest. The area of the wrists, something like a armrest for the palms of the hands. Design the first PowerBook’s in 1991, this desert had a fantastic success. And it is still going on, for 28 years. It’s time to take the next step.

New Touch Bar

The patent application, which patent. If you have no means to determine the date of its filing was not looking at the picture I’d think she dates from the late ‘ 90s, but in those days, about the touch interface, which was controlled by all of these additional screens, not even thought of. The application was filed in 2015. In the illustration a laptop with a design from the last Millennium, but you can assume that its authors were harvesting, they used. The incompatibility of the project with our the real world is obvious. Even the increase in the size of the trackpad only, what was perceived by the users, mostly very positive, some of them caused a feeling of discomfort: they have the trackpad is at hand when they type. The cursor begins to move – much harm from this, but it is unpleasant. Extra displays on either side of the trackpad, touching different areas which, in theory, should lead to some action, is frankly unacceptable. Yet additional displays will inevitably arise the same problem that of the Touch Bar, only in a more acute form: what should each of them be displayed by default. Active applications, especially those written before the advent of these screens, simply can not care or do not know.

So maybe look trackpad in the new MacBook Pro

But there is something to say in defense of the authors of this idea: between the keyboard and the screen, where in the past era, even the MacBook Pro were a number of the function keys – emptiness. And the fact that is attributed in the patent application displays a rash dotting all available surface around the keyboard is also the only place where a year really appeared a narrow touch-screen named Touch Bar. What if such a sophisticated manner in the Apple tried to patent it without revealing his secret? And, by the way, after this application I no longer dislike Touch Bar: he, at least, will not go under the arm and not bothering anyone. Maybe not so bad? Please share your opinion in our Telegram chat.

AirMacBookPower Pro

In 2017, work on AirPower was in full swing. Problems arose one by one, overheating exceeding the allowed limits – but the developers called on the carpet, together they convinced the leadership that they have understood everything and almost solved all the problems, and we just have to wait a bit. Again and again and again. The head of this group with unknown objectives, are torn away from Abraham part of the staff and asked them this:

With open and closed lid, MacBook Pro turns in a charger for multiple devices

This we now know that the process of “reverse charging” and not surrendered to the pressure of the engineers, and the examination carried out by independent qualified experts, revealed the complete inability to create AirPower on the proposed engineers scheme, and the product of which was looking forward to, which has caused hype and which even imitated, was cancelled. The imitators, by the way, everything turned out – what is even more painful. As far as I know, the implementation of the ideas of this application no one has yet worked. Especially since the cancellation of AirPower too little time has passed, the wound is still not healed. Although it may be, avoid gossip, the project was able to thoroughly classify. In 2019 the patent was obtained by Apple.

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