Will millions phones Google Pixel affected by the problem of the microphone on the$ 500 in damages from Google

Google Pixel XL 2

A lawsuit has been filed against Google by the features of the first generation of phones Google Pixel. They claimed that the company sold them on purpose modules equipped with microphone data shortcomings. Company agreed Google Now on the settlement of the suit will therefore be up to$ 500 for your modules the Google Pixel, which come from the cell above.

Did not get the registration after the approval of the court, but it will command Google to pay up to $ 500 dollars for each phone the Google Pixel equivalent of the cell at the level of the microphone. The total cost of the 7.25 million USD. They only cover phones Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL that was produced before January 2017.

Admitted to the company Google in the month of March of the year 2017 there is a problem in some units. The company said at that time that less than 1% of the phones Google Pixel is suffering from a crack in the welding chip audio codec. This has led to problems in communication.

The Google corrects that imbalance by promising to take additional steps to promote contact. Has been sued by millions of phones the Google Pixel the first after less than a year they didn’t agree on going on Google in the sale of the first generation of phones Google Pixel after knowing their problems at the level of the microphone.

Will be assembling millions of devices affected in the four categories to ascertain the level of compensation. Will be awarded the highest compensation for those who returned phones Google Pixel with their own microphone suffers from back and then received the alternative units come from the same background of the company Google. These will receive up to $ 500 in damages. Will the Kings who got on the unit alone suffer from a defective microphone on up to $ 350.

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