Will TCL and Roku to launch a TV strictly 8K HDR in the second half of this year


There is a lot of fuss about TVs 8K hi-res at CES CES 2019 in the city of Las Vegas, USA. We’ll have to wait a few years before there is enough content to justify having a TV strictly 8K, but the manufacturers don’t want to wait all this time before you release these televisions superior clarity. To this end, it announced all of the TCL and Roku they are working together on the smart TV, a new Strictly 8K HDR will be released later this year.

Company is working TCL on this TV in collaboration with the company Roku. Has been announced this project yesterday at the rate of consumer electronics CES 2019, which was held in Las Vegas, USA. And the two companies that will launch the first TV strictly 8K HDR by TCL with way Roku TV by the end of this year.

With regard to this topic, the company, TCL said : ” You Roku developed a design reference for Strictly 8K, and TCL the first company to get license “. The company added that these TVs will be available in different sizes starting from 75 inches.

And adopt many of the 4K TVs UHD is currently working on techniques for improving the content so that the content to benefit fully from the potential of these TVs. Likewise, you’ll it offers a 8K HDR, which will be manufactured by TCL in collaboration with Roku ” superior performance ” when it comes to raising local content in order to achieve more depth and clarity to the content of 4K and HD available today.

Not detected any additional information about this project so far, but we’ll get more information about it in the coming months.

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