Will the price of Samsung smartphones in Russia?

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS Russia) check the price of smartphones Samsung for signs of coordination. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to Deputy head of the Ministry Andrei Tsarikovsky. The audit can be prosecuted, providing for sanctions against perpetrators.

According to Tsarikovsky, the reason for the antitrust investigation was the similarity of prices for Samsung devices from domestic retailers. The official did not call a model whose pricing aroused the suspicions of the Agency, but stressed that suspicion fell youngish models that are in demand among Russians.

What’s wrong with the price of smartphones

This is not the first case when FAS is interested in the prices of the smartphones sold in domestic retail. Earlier anti-monopolists initiated a case against “eppl Rus” identified the fact that the coordination of prices. Then all the blame fell on one of the managers of the Russian “daughter of Apple Inc., sending retailers guidance on maintaining uniform prices.

How to change prices on Samsung smartphones

Despite the interest of the FAS of Russia to the prices of the Samsung smartphones, there is no guarantee that the investigation will lead to the initiation of proceedings. Last year there was a similar situation when employees of the Antimonopoly authority for several months studied the pricing of Korean devices, coming to the conclusion about the absence of coordination.

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