Will the users of the plan, Spotify family to report on their site from time to time.

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Provide broadcast services such as Spotify plans family allows for multiple users to enjoy together in the service at the same time at a cheaper price. This is perfect for families where you can instead of pay for four subscriptions separate to pay for a reasonable share one.

However, as expected, users had to abuse the use of these plans, where they share a subscription with friends or even strangers rather than watch it with family members. In the past year, I began Spotify in vigorous action against this behavior, and now it seems that it reached the way to fight it, even if it means tracking your location.

According to CNet, it seems that Spotify has recently updated the policy and terms of service of participants in the family plan, where you may be asked from time to time provide your current location ” prove ” you are part of a family live together. According to the terms and conditions, you’ll require to activate the family plan users verify their home address.

In a statement issued in response to those who respond to this demand, says Spotify : ” this data is encrypted and can be edited by the author of the plan as needed. Don’t use Spotify only location data that is collected during account creation Premium Family for this purpose “. If you are not comfortable with this new changes, you’ll be in front of you up to 30 days to cancel your subscription after the entry into force of these new requirements.


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