Will there be support SIM card in a MacBook?

Do we need the laptops built-in support for cellular networks? To connect to such networks it is possible and without it, using a cellular modem or smartphone. But if a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air could do it myself, if necessary, automatically switch to a cellular network (like an iPad) would be great. Competitors have long practiced this, but Apple apparently, there are some fundamental objections? They are not. Perhaps, in the “advanced technologies” this was conceived even before the return of Steve jobs at Apple, but seriously the support of cellular networks in the Apple started in the mid-noughties.

Many laptops have a SIM card, MacBook why not?

Of the dozens (60 or 70) of the invention had to the cellular connectivity, Apple is officially registered in the period from 2007 to 2012, ten had ever touched her in a portable Mac, and one of them even mentioned in the iMac, where the antenna was supposed to place it in an external keyboard. As usual, most of the inventions protected by these patents have never been used. Maybe there was some other reason- and cell laptop never became a reality.

The first and second era of the project “cell MacBook”

In 2011, Intel published the concept of portable computers of the future, which is known as “program UltraBook”. The concept is a document of enormous volume, there are a lot of technical details to decipher written man in the street would be not under force, but journalists willingly, outlined the main provisions of the document is colourful and accessible, and some of them even have narrowed it down to a single phrase: “UltraBook is a laptop similar to the MacBook Air”. Basically the way it was. But the concept was, among other things, these requirements support touch-interface and cellular systems. Apple worked on the implementation of these requirements (and in the industry about for a long time and a lot of talking, creating hype) about the touch-interface for Apple even got a patent but the result of long research came to the conclusion about the fatal depravity of this idea. What Steve said during his last public appearance, and not just announced, and logically and persuasively explained why.

On full support of cellular networks in the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro nobody said anything. The idea no one seemed to be vicious, it worked. Because of the hype over cellular networks of the fourth generation, the project had to revise and start from the beginning. Then, for some unknown reason, the direction has disappeared from the radars and had no more signs of life. Someone at the very top of the company has deemed it the most relevant Also, if the WiFi is almost the same in the different “countries and regions of the world,” with mobile phones is much more complicated: different standards, different requirements of regulatory agencies. the iPhone and iPad had to produce several regional variants and complication of the lineup of the company was considered inappropriate.

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Everything seemed to be. End of story. Apple has made one of the most ambitious goals, which in the open is never reported, but analysts tame did it for her, and was subjected to ridicule. But Apple has “made it”, one of the first in the world and the first among all IT companies reaching a market capitalization of one trillion dollars. And the lady with the claims of snide and sharp mind (it’s in her DNA, do you remember?) at some time just blown away. What does “cellular radio for laptop”? Now IT companies with a market capitalization of one trillion dollars for several. Apple is still among them. But, recently, the oil producer from Saudi Arabia, the IPO, capitalization reached 1.7 trillion. It’s a record. However, the owners of the company was waiting for more, the capitalization was expected to reach 2 trillion. But Apple on this occasion did not disappointed. Moreover, sensing a threat to their well-being just on the other side (inside), she seems to come to himself and again took up the mind. While this is only a guess, based on several very intelligent and successful companies – but 2020 and 2021 will show how it is justified.

Cell Renaissance in our days

Apple already has a eSIM — you can use it in laptops

Apple is again working on the integration of mobile communication system in a MacBook Pro (maybe in the MacBook Air, but I only have about the first), based on its own chips and technologies. Originally it was intended to achieve this together with Intel, but as you already know, did not happen. I think Intel now makes a best effort to break the duopoly of AMD and NVIDIA in the field of discrete graphics processors, becoming her third. In the beginning of the month making the transition bought by Apple this summer at the Intel division of the mobile modems is over, now it’s part Apple (with all its personnel and all intellectual property). The potential of Apple in this area has expanded dramatically and plans were ambitious.

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An application for a patent held by Apple in September 2019, was filed in early 2018. It is about the configuration of the “cell radio” on a single chip. Neither in the application nor in the patent about the specific application of this invention, does not say. The patent is about the placement of the antennas for the top band 5G (millimeter wave, or mmWave) in the Assembly, which is composed of a flexible printed circuit Board with antenna (at the top) and units with yet unknown functions, and the transceiver is wrapped in this flexible Board. Antennas for the lower range of problems is much less.

The same patent

Whether really used this patent in a real product is unknown. Of the patents owned by Apple actually used about a tenth. But if the development, the essence of which is recognized as the intellectual property of Apple and protected the patent number 10,418,687 in 2022-2023 will be part of the 5G luxury iPhone models, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. In some other devices, which are currently not talking at all (me of them and not said). In the rest of the products plan the complex simpler and cheaper. Maybe they’ll have better luck than with the system of reverse charging or with AirPower.

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