Will to live: community Ethereum voted for integration ProgPoW

Ecosystem Ethereum once and for all may be deprived of Asimov — at least, it wants the majority of cryptoendoliths. Recently started voting on the integration algorithm ProgPoW in the Protocol of cryptocurrencies. Recall ProgPoW is an addition to Ethash designed to increase the competitiveness of the cards in the mining of Ethereum.

Many experts believe ASIC mining is the main enemy of decentralization, as it stimulates the concentration of enormous amounts of capacity for the production of coins in the hands of large corporations. The debate about integration ProgPoW in the Ethereum been going on for a long time, but until the developers of cryptocurrencies and came to the final decision.

Down with ASIC mining

This morning 84,21 percent of voters (1023384 ETH or approximately $ 125 million at current exchange rates) in favor of the integration algorithm. The remaining 15.78 percent of participants (191817 ETH or about 23.5 million dollars) voted against ProgPoW.

The administration of the portal for voting, noted that “the Ethereum token holders are among those who will feel the effects of the integration algorithm”. That is why the organizers believe vote using cryptocurrency the best way to solve the problem.

It is noteworthy that the users will not affect the final decision of the Ethereum Foundation, as this is an unofficial vote. Anyone can still vote, and the organizers have not announced the end date of the event.

Source: CryptoWatch

Unfortunately, the opinions of cryptoendoliths still not enough. The developers of Ethereum will first want to verify the practicality of the algorithm — they are ready to start integration only after a complete audit by a third party. Formerly, this was the reason for the postponement of the decision regarding ProgPoW.

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By the way, one of the independent developers of cryptocurrency believes that ASIC mining is necessary for Ethereum. Last month, his comments provoked a heated response, cryptocommunist on Twitter. Their attitude to ProgPoW can be expressed in our chat.


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