Will use lie detectors, which are based on artificial intelligence in the border checkpoints of the EU


Sometimes when he asks the immigration officials at the airport to where you’re going, and where you will, and what you plan to do in the country, it’s not because they care about you truthfully, but the questions put sometimes you have to measure your reaction, and accordingly may be held for further interrogation or to allow you to pass.

It seems that this method is still valid, except that artificial intelligence is who will take care of it in the future. In Hungary, Latvia and Greece, it seems that the officials are planning to use a new system called iBorderCtrl, which is basically a lie detector based on artificial intelligence will be used to interrogate passengers between those borders to allow them to pass in case if things go well.

This artificial intelligence will be questions on travellers, such as what is in their bags, and will try to gauge the validity of their answers through the study of the expressions on their faces based on idioms, small. Will artificial intelligence also take many things into consideration during the interrogation and evaluation such as the type of the traveler and the language used.

Will the passengers who pass the tests successfully on a response code the QR Code which allows them to pass, while will be delivered to other people in the end to the agent of human will then submit the report that has been created by artificial intelligence. While we assume that such a system seems more secure, it also looks alarming, but given that face recognition technology have begun to appear in more airports around the world, we assume that this would not be surprising.


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