Will you agree to pay $ 50 annually to use the platform of Twitter?

Spread a lot of speculation lately about being the Twitter platform working on the development of a subscription based service without ads, and get investors and analysts to discover all the potential outcomes and impact of this step on the businesses, business activities and users, and despite continuing questions about the details.

But on the assumption that they will increase ad, the platform, Twitter will need to impose a subscription by $ 50 annually per user; to compensate for the loss of ad sales, according to recent estimates from the analyst (Brian kernel) Brian Nowak of the institution (Morgan Stanley) consulting and financial services.

This annual fee is provided to the base of Twitter users in the United States, where it’s based on advertising revenue the Twitter platform via its base of daily active users, who can monetize them.

Scooped platform Twitter of over $ 1.6 billion of advertising revenues of America in the year 2019, and ended the year with 31 million American active daily can monetize them. It has grown to 33 million users in the first quarter of 2020.

The company announced the Twitter at the end of the month last April on the average growth in active users every day who can monetize them (mDAU) globally by 24%, where their number reached 166 million for the first quarter of 2020, compared to 134 million in the same period last year.

The company exceeds analyst expectations on revenue, recorded 808 million in the first quarter of 2020, representing an increase of 3% on an annual basis although pandemic (MERS-CoV) COVID-19.

According to some analysts, if the organization put some content behind a firewall effective, you may be splitting the user base in a manner likely to adversely affect the value of the company as open to public discourse and communication.

So there are some opinions that suggest that the Twitter platform should focus more on improving the products ad, where the return of sports activities and Events Other direct in the end can be a catalyst more important to participate and increase advertising revenue.

However; it is unclear until now the type of Service That Work Company Twitter to develop, where not provided any official details, or assurances about the existence of Service potential based on the subscription.

It is worth noting that (Anthony Noto) Anthony Noto CFO and director of operations Arena in the Twitter had discussed previously the idea of adding paid services in the application (TweetDeck) for professional users, with an emphasis on the importance to remain the Twitter platform is free, and everyone can access it.

But even now did not specify the types of features that can be provided in the application (TweetDeck) of Twitter, but this type of paid services will not divide the user base, where everybody will have access to the same content in the end. Even have Twitter something to be announced officially, still this is all just speculation.

Encountered many companies on social networking, like: Facebook is biggest rival of Twitter for years, the idea of removing the ads and evaluate the versions list on the subscription, especially in the midst of scandals and data breaches that have raised consumer awareness of the costs of privacy associated with steps Free Online.

But (Mark Zuckerberg) the CEO has announced previously that Facebook will always be free, and that was the centre of investigations in the US Congress, as explained by Mark last year that, even if the Facebook version is a subscription-based, it will not prevent Facebook from collecting data to users; because it is the basis for the ads that are the source of basic income for Facebook.

The simple fact that you must put the two companies in mind is that the vast majority of users prefer to sacrifice privacy instead of paying a few dollars a month.

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