Will you be the end of bitcoin bad already?

Warren Buffett, President and Group CEO of Berkshire Hathaway investment and multinational, to his chagrin, a bitcoin e-that will end very badly.

He came permit to Buffett while the edges of the television with the network of CNBC us, explaining that the group of companies Berkshire Hathaway, which is headed by its Board of Directors has not and will not have the cooperation of digital currency. And that the group will remain focused on fixing the business, “good”, and investment.

“We don’t have it and save us nor will we do one day… what happens will not end well for sure”, especially bitcoin, which doubled in value in 2017 by 1.327%, beginning in 2018 beginning of the fragile.

Came permit Buffett one day after the permit Jamie Dimon, chief executive of the group of JPMorgan securities, that he regretted the job description of bitcoin as”fraud”.

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