Wilt … the fastest platform to create sites with support for Arabic and English

There is in our world today, about 1.7 million websites in various areas, serving more than listen to the population of the globe, and every day is becoming increasingly important to rely on the internet in the dissemination of ideas and projects, which require you owning a website, whether for your startup, or your little problem, or even a personal website.

But it is known that the creation of websites is not easy, it requires having expertise in the areas of programming and design, as well as being a entails of you some time, effort, money, and so we find many online platforms to create websites; which facilitate this task.

It is famous on the Internet: (Web) Weebly, and(it seems if) Webflow, and(WordPress) WordPress, but maligned on these platforms they exist in the original non-Arabs, so you may need to platform will provide you create a website in Arabic, in addition to English, which will provide you wider access.

And the Arab specialized in the field of creating websites, we recall (Welch) Wuilt, a company he founded a few years ago a team of programmers and designers Arab.

Said Ahmed (Rustam) – the chief executive for the (Welch) – in a statement: “I started a story (Welty) a few years ago, when he started a team of programmers and designers working to create an application or platform, can anyone in the world whether in English, or Arabic to establish his own website or company website in just a few minutes, without the need to have experience in programming or create websites”.

Added: rust “before the product launch to the space of the internet to be available to hundreds of millions around the world, was the biggest challenge in front of (Welch) is that it would be easy, fast and fun too, which is what police are working on all the time simply because it believes that to facilitate and accelerate the process of creating website content is what will position in this huge market, rapid growth.”

And (wilt) of the first platforms to create websites that focus on Arabic and English, and both. They support the Arabic language in all the steps of creating all of the site, and simple, as any user can enter his data and starts to create his website, or his company’s site in minutes without the need of support.

Also provides platform (Welch) users the possibility to translate their websites into Arabic, or English with the push of a button, any that the website will have an Arabic version and an English. This organization plans to provide all languages on its platform in the future, but it is now focused on the Arab region.

Referred to as the (Welch) became available to everyone the end of the year 2018, since it adds features to the different user needs in building a site , and modify the design; and to suit his field of work as I enjoy (Welch) as comprising a set of address information previously to hide from the user, with the possibility of adding amendments according to his taste in colors, fonts, images, etc.

Owns (Welch) team to support the professional works round the clock during the days of the week; to respond to any queries from users around the world, in both Arabic and English.

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