Windows 10 comes to an end on smart phones

Looks like we’re about to see the end of Windows 10 for mobile is official, this is where that Microsoft has announced that beginning from December 10 (tomorrow) will be raising the support for all phones running Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone and both these phones in the corporate sector or are owned by ordinary users.

This decision in spite of his cruelty only that it will allow Microsoft to focus on a new strategy for smartphones, and we must overlook the fact that the company has announced more than one device running Android in its arena, the for for the Windows 10 for mobile no the streets suggests that it will continue or will be revived soon, especially in a system such as Windows X10.

Raising support means that the phones will not receive any updates for the system or even security updates only to phones -and if you’re wondering – will continue to work normally but their use in itself would be dangerous because they are not supported by any hand, especially Microsoft!

Source: SlashGear

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