Windows 10 gets feature do not disturb

Quiet Hours:

Quiet Hours:

I sent Microsoft a copy of the new preview of Windows 10 included improvements in the reading experience via personal computers as well as put the Do not disturb to prevent notifications from reaching you.

Appeared this situation in women which carries the build number 17074 working in property do not disturb under the name of “quiet hours” Quiet Hours as in Computer Mac where you can put a list of applications that are allowed access to you, and everything else will appear as a notification interrupt your use of accessing, browsing, during times of activation status or to activate it manually.

And for fans of games when you play games that support DirectX in full screen as well as when you duplicate the screen during the presentation will activate a mode and not show notifications.

On the other hand with regard to reading, whether for EPUB or PDF through the browser edge there is a new interface to read with the Sync function for any page the user navigates in reading across devices with new tools to grammar.

Add to this there are properties less specific in their relevance, such as the option not to save passwords for Domains and even autocomplete for passwords when you use Add-ons in mode hidden and other.


Xbox ONE offers a do not disturb mode scheduling, themes and more


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